Leveraging SAS with KNIME Webinar (Online Training) - September 2013

- The Internet (webex instructions will follow)

Thank you for attending the "Leveraging SAS with KNIME" Webinar.

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The recorded video can be found on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSaWxh9PkRo

-- The KNIME Team



This 1 hour free webinar is thought for all those who wish to better leverage their SAS investment. The training during the webinar is organized with practical examples.

Training Content

  • Connect the KNIME's interactive data mining platform directly on top of the existing SAS platform.
  • Read and write to a multitude of additional data sources without extra products
  • Package and extend sophisticated programming logic without the need for scripts, data steps or macro languages.
  • Expand the SAS platform with additional techniques such as text mining, time series and network mining at no cost.
  • Open your SAS platform to include other packages such as R and Weka.
  • Leverage PMML and other execution forms for real-time execution.
  • Provide a robust environment for fully automating the building and tuning of models on top of your SAS data.


Time: 18:00 (Central Europe)

Duration: 1 hour (+ time for questions)

Cost: None