Learning KNIME through the EXAMPLES Server - Webinar (Online Training) - January 2014

- The Internet (webex instructions will follow)

This 1-hour free webinar introduces you to the world of data mining applications and techniques by exploring the EXAMPLES Public Server available within the KNIME open source data analytics platform.

Indeed, KNIME provides you with over a 100 example applications in many different fields. Example workflows complete with data are downloadable for free from the EXAMPLES public server and represent a great starting point for your own application.

Designed for new KNIME users, the webinar will show how to access the applications, install any needed extensions for extra functionality you might need, and finally how to use the applications on YOUR data. We’ll highlight popular data mining techniques, review advanced data manipulation topics and end with a look at some of the famous KNIME business applications including  web analytics, social media analytics, churn retention, credit scoring, text processing, and network analytics!


Time: 18:00 (Central Europe)

Duration: 1 hour (+ time for questions)

Cost: None


The webinar has already taken place.

You can watch the recorded video on Youtube.

We are looking forward to meeting you at your selected KNIME Webinar.

The KNIME Team.