KNIME Users Meetup in São Paulo, Brazil - September 2015

- R. Quatá, 807 - Vila Olimpia, São Paulo

Our first ever KNIME Users Meetup in São Paulo Brazil is being held on September 15 from 8 am to 12 noon. The topic of the meeting is Big Data & Analytics and includes a business session for directors and managers showing how KNIME & Tableau can be used to analyse and visualize data and how big data can give companies a competitive advantage. The second part of the morning is a hands-on session catering to experts, analysts and consultants on KNIME and how it can be used to analyse big data.

We would like to thank Marcus Estanislao in São Paulo for organizing this meetup, which is taking place in:

R. Quatá, 807 - Vila Olimpia,  São Paulo

Agenda 8 am - 12 noon

Welcome Coffee  (start 8 am)

1. Business session

  • Welcome - Priscila Yamashita
  • Make Decisions Quickly in an IT Capacity using KNIME + Tableau - (30 min.) - João Felipe, Yaman
  • Why Big Data is the New Competitive Advantage - Case (30 min) - Rosaria Silipo, KNIME
  • Design Thinking (30 min)- 
    • Questions (15 min)
    • Brainstorm (15 min)

Coffee Break (10 am)

2. Hand-on session

  • Introduction to KNIME first step (1hs), Marcus Estanislao
  • Big Data Analytics using KNIME without complication (30min), Danilo Nato, Algar & Marcus Estanislao


The meeting will be held in Portuguese. There will be a simultaneous translation of Rosaria Silipo's talk.

Bring your own laptop.


● Estanislao
● Algar
● CONRE3 - Regional Council of Statistics 3, Brazil

Please contact Marcus Estanislao here if you would like to attend this meetup and training session.