KNIME User Training - February 2016

- - Berlin is hosting a KNIME User Training course held together with the KNIME Spring Summit 2016 in Berlin, Germany on February 22-26, 2016. The KNIME User Training session is an ideal opportunity for beginners, advanced users and KNIME experts to be introduced to KNIME, to learn how to use it more effectively, and how to create clear, comprehensive reports based on KNIME workflows.

Training Content

KNIME User Training

Day one - Monday, February 22, 2016


  • Breakfast
  • Introduction to KNIME
  • Reading Data
  • Data Manipulation


  • Vizualization
  • Data Mining
  • Flow Variables
  • Exporting Data


  • Group Dinner


Day two - Tuesday, February 23, 2016



  • Workflow Control Structures
  • Advanced Data Mining


  • Model Selection
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Timeseries Analysis
  • Advanced Applications and/or BYOD (Bring Your Own Data)

The KNIME Team.