KNIME Text Mining Webinar (Online Training) - October 2013

- The Internet (webex instructions will follow)

Thank you for attending the "Text Mining" Webinar.

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-- The KNIME Team



This free webinar illustrates the most commonly used Text Mining features by going step by step through two example applications: topic detection and sentiment analysis.

Attendees will be provided with an overview of the Text Mining nodes in KNIME for text integration, parsing, pre-processing, enrichment, transformation, topic detection, sentiment analysis, and visualization.

Training Content

  •    Text Integration
  •    Enrichment: Parsing and Taggers
  •    Transformation: BoW and frequency measures
  •    Pre-processing: filtering, stemming, and keyword extraction
  •    Classification/clustering for topic detection and sentiment analysis
  •    Visualization


Time: 18:00 (Central Europe)

Duration: 1 hour (+ time for questions)

Cost: None