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KNIME Spring Summit 2017 – Berlin

- - Hotel Berlin, Berlin - Lützowplatz 17 - 10785 Berlin, Germany

Our 10th annual conference for KNIME Users and Enthusiasts takes place on March 13-17 in Hotel Berlin, Berlin! We have invited some of the world’s leading data scientists to speak about their use of KNIME software to solve complex data problems in areas including the life sciences, manufacturing, marketing, retail sales, and many others. Speakers include representatives from ACCUmotive, Datatroniq, Eli Lilly, Palo Alto Networks, Siemens, Venice Airport, and Vernalis. Dean Abbott will, as every year, conclude the main Summit program on Thursday. More announcements and a detailed agenda are coming soon.

Read what people had to say about our last KNIME Spring Summit in Berlin.

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We have added more KNIME Training Courses on Monday and Tuesday and are keeping up the Friday Workshop tradition as well. We are also planning an unforgettable social program!

Having enjoyed our conference dinner on top of the government building in 2016, this year we will be exploring another piece of Berlin's history, the legendary ewerk, located near Checkpoint Charlie. Originally a power plant built in 1926, it was an influential techno music club in the 90s and is now a beautiful event location.


Overview – Training Agenda – Summit AgendaWorkshopsVenueRegistration

On March 13-14 we are offering several full one day KNIME Training Courses that cover a variety of topics. With your Summit registration you can opt to select 1 or 2 full day training courses:

KNIME Training Courses on Monday, March 13, 2017:

  • Course M1: KNIME Analytics Platform - Beginners, Iris Adä and Vincenzo Tursi (KNIME). Room Berlin-Berlin 1
  • Course M2: Text Mining with KNIME Analytics Platform, Kilian Thiel and Roland Burger (KNIME). Room Berlin-London
  • Course M3: KNIME Big Data Extensions and Data Mining with Spark, Tobias Kötter and Björn Lohrmann (KNIME). Room Berlin-Dubai
  • Course M4: Advanced Analytics Methods with KNIME, Stefan Weingaertner (AdvancedAnalytics.Academy). Room Berlin-Berlin 3

KNIME Training Courses on Tuesday, March 14, 2017:

  • Course T1: KNIME Analytics Platform - Advanced, Iris Adä and Vincenzo Tursi (KNIME). Room Berlin-Berlin 1
  • Course T2: Text Mining with the KNIME Analytics Platform, Kilian Thiel and Roland Burger (KNIME). Room Berlin-London
  • Course T3: KNIME Big Data Extensions and Data Mining with Spark, Tobias Kötter and Björn Lohrmann (KNIME). Room Berlin-Dubai
  • Course T4: IoT Analytics with KNIME, Stefan Weingaertner (AdvancedAnalytics.Academy). Room Berlin-Berlin 3

Please use the Summit registration form to register for one or two of those courses.

KNIME (Develop|Deploy)ment Days on Monday and Tuesday, March 13-14, 2017

The KNIME (Develop|Deploy)ment Days take place on Monday and Tuesday before the KNIME Spring Summit 2017 in Berlin (in Room Berlin-Buenes Aires). The purpose of this meeting is to bring together community developers and administrators of KNIME installations to talk about technical aspects of KNIME's software solutions, such as node development, deployment, or administration.

OverviewTraining Agenda – Summit Agenda – WorkshopsVenueRegistration

This year's Summit features a great line up of speakers and for the first time we will have a dedicated, parallel Life Science Track on Thursday morning.

Wednesday March 15, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Room BERLIN

9:00am - Registration, Coffee & Snacks

10:00am - Opening and KNIME Session

  • Welcome and Introduction,
    slides1.48 MB
    Michael Berthold (KNIME)
  • What's New, 
    slides4.66 MB
    Bernd Wiswedel and Team (KNIME)
  • What's Cooking in KNIME Labs, 
    slides1.57 MB
    Bernd Wiswedel and Team (KNIME)

12:30pm - Lunch Break

1:30pm - KNIME Session

  • A Peek into KNIME Big Data Labs, 
    slides3.22 MB
    Tobias Kötter and Team (KNIME)

2:30pm - Session – KNIME in the Enterprise

  • Deploying KNIME to the Enterprise: Reshaping Data & Architecture for Healthcare,
    slides2.66 MB
    James Lumley (Eli Lilly and Company)
  • Digital factories with CloudFoundry, KNIME, and BOSH
    Jan Pospisil (Siemens), Steffen Zuber & Noah Ispas (Anynines)
  • Tech Briefing: Distributed Workflow Executors,
    slides362.38 KB
    Thorsten Meinl (KNIME)

3:45pm - Afternoon Break

4:15pm - Special Session

  • The KNIME Model Factory or "Getting your life back",
    slides4.49 MB
    Iris Adä & Phil Winters (KNIME)

5:00pm - End of Day 1

6:00pm - Coaches depart to Dinner Location

7:00pm - Flying Dinner at "ewerk"

Thursday March 16, 9am – 5:00pm, Room BERLIN

8:00am - Registration, Coffee & Snacks

9:00am - Parallel Track

Parallel Track - Life Sciences Parallel Track - Connectivity
  • Guided Analytics in Action: Patent Analysis from your Browser,
    slides1.55 MB
    Greg Landrum (KNIME)
  • Practical applications of Matched Molecular Pairs (MMPs) at Vernalis,
    slides1.42 MB
    Steve Roughley & Richard Sherhod (Vernalis)
  • Orchestrating a proprietary endurance qualification system for HV batteries with KNIME, 
    slides1 MB
    Maximilian Mücke (ACCUmotive) and Jürgen Walter (Datatroniq)
  • User experience with KNIME for large industrial data sets and applications
    Bernhard Lang (Siemens), 
    slides4.14 MB
  • Tech Briefing: Connecting to SAP HANA,
    slides4.65 MB
    Kilian Thiel (KNIME) and Norbert Havas (EPAM)

10:15am - Coffee Break

10:45 - Parallel Track

Parallel Track - Life Sciences Parallel Track - Customer Intelligence
  • Image segmentation, single
    molecule tracking, and data analysis with KNIME and KNIP, slides
    Jan Eglinger (Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research)
  • de.NBI - Bioinformatics
    Integrations for KNIME, 
    slides12.28 MB
    Knut Reinert (FU Berlin) and colleagues
  • Venice Airport: a small big data story,
    slides3.48 MB
    Fabrizio Montino (Marco Polo Venice Airport) and Dario Cannone (Miriade)
  • Guided Analytics in Action: Customer Segmentation from your Browser,
    slides2.28 MB
    Rosaria Silipo & Vincenzo Tursi (KNIME)
  • Tech Briefing: Customized Distance Functions in KNIME,
    slides453.15 KB
    Bernd Wiswedel (KNIME)

12:00pm - Lunch

1:00pm - Session – Data and Tool Blending

  • Smart Data at BW Bank – Big Data Analytics with Cassandra, Spark and KNIME, 
    slides2.32 MB
    Gerrit Bungeroth (BW Bank) and Stefan Weingaertner (AdvancedAnalytics.Academy)
  • Tech Briefing: Instrumenting KNIME with KNIME,
    slides1.83 MB
    Iris Adä (KNIME)
  • Will they Blend: An interactive Session
    Rosaria Silipo (KNIME) and other blender Guests

2:30pm - Afternoon Break

3:00pm - Session – Internet of Things

  • Fault Prediction and Failure Detection of drives using real-time signal processing and machine learning techniques, 
    slides3.02 MB
    Jürgen Walter & Stefan Weingaertner (Datatroniq)
  • Predictive Next Best Action for Marketing Demand Generation and Sales, 
    slides3.95 MB
    Erik Bower & Josip Lazarevski (Palo Alto Networks)
  • Poster Introduction
    Phil Winters (KNIME)

4:15pm - Short Break

4:30pm - Special Session

  • My Boss Can't Understand My Unsupervised Learning Models
    Dean Abbott (Abbott Analytics)

5:30pm - Open Bar and Poster Session

OverviewTraining AgendaSummit Agenda – Workshops – VenueRegistration

Our Workshops take place on March 17. They are free of charge in combination with a KNIME Spring Summit registration.

During the Summit you can select two 90 minute workshops: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM and 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM - followed by a Buffet Lunch.

9:30-11:00 Workshops Session I

1. SeqAn and OpenMS (CIBI/de.nbi) Integration Workshop

slides1.77 MB

Room: Berlin-Dubai

Temesgen H. Dadi (Free University of Berlin), Julianus Pfeuffer (Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen), and Alexander Fillbrunn (University of Konstanz)

In cooperation with OpenMS from the University of Tübingen and SeqAn from the FU Berlin, this workshop will provide a brief introduction into the analysis of mass spectrometry and sequence data with KNIME. We will demonstrate how to utilize the two tools in KNIME in order to build workflows that retrieve and analyze common life science data and then use standard KNIME nodes to statistically analyze the results. The workshop is recommended for users who are familiar with KNIME and who would like to learn more about using OpenMS and SeqAn to process data from life sciences.

2. 3D-e-Chem KNIME Nodes for Integrated Structural Cheminformatics Analysis and Computer-Aided Drug Discovery

ROOM Berlin-Peking

M. Vass (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), S. Verhoeven (Netherlands eScience Center), R. McGuire (Radboudumc, BioAxis Research), C. de Graaf (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

The 3D-e-Chem KNIME nodes enable the integration of cheminformatics and bioinformatics tools for the analysis of structural protein-ligand interaction data and the design of flexible computer-aided drug design workflows ( New chemical and biological data analytics tools and workflows have been developed that complement existing cheminformatics KNIME nodes to facilitate the efficient exploitation of structural and pharmacological protein-ligand interaction data from proteome-wide databases (e.g. ChEMBLdb and PDB), as well as customized information systems focused on e.g. G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRdb) and protein kinases (KLIFS). The 3D-e-Chem KNIME node toolbox provide building blocks for the design of new approaches in virtual ligand screening (Chemdb4VS), ligand-based metabolism prediction (SyGMa), bioinformatics sequence analyses (ss-TEA), and structure-based protein binding site comparison and bioisosteric replacement for ligand design (KRIPOdb). The open source, freely available Virtual Machine, 3D-e-Chem-VM ( facilitates the efficient use of pre-configured 3D-e-Chem tools and other resources.

The 3D-e-Chem session will provide a hands-on tutorial on the different tools and example workflows, and will offer participants the possibility to work on the design of their own computer-aided drug discovery workflows.

3. KNIME Model Factory Workshop: Details, Ideas and Interaction

slides852.1 KB

ROOM: Berlin-London

Iris Adä & Phil Winters (KNIME), and Dean Abbott (Abbott Analytics)

In this workshop, we will go into the details of the KNIME Model Factory as well as have a good discussion on how to use and extend it. Since the KNIME Model Factory is available to everyone, this is your opportunity to get up to speed on the details, ask your questions and join a group of your peers who are also extremely interested in the topic before you try it yourself. To keep things real, insightful (and entertaining) the KNIME team will be joined by Dean Abbott.4.

4. IoT Analytics with KNIME Workshop

ROOM: Berlin-Berlin 1

Stefan Weingaertner (Datatroniq)

If you would like to know more about IoT analytics and how this can be done with KNIME – then this is the workshop for you. Sensors, machine-to-machine and network data are starting to play a leading role in analytics as the Internet of Things becomes a reality. At this workshop you will get an overview of sensor data acquisition, how to access sensor-based sources and the fundamentals of digital signal processing. You will learn how to use visualization techniques and perform feature engineering for machine learning. The presented use case is based on High-Frequency Vibration Data from an electric motor.

5. KNIME Big Data Workshop

slides2.87 MB

ROOM: Berlin-Berlin 3

Tobias Kötter and Björn Lohrmann (KNIME)

The KNIME Big Data Workshop is designed to show you solutions for the three Vs of Big Data: Variety, Volume, and Velocity. The workshop will discuss the KNIME Big Data Connectors and in-database processing, advanced analytics powered by Apache Spark and MLlib with the KNIME Spark Executor, distributed execution of KNIME workflows or workflow branches using the KNIME Cluster Execution, as well as High performance scoring services based on REST and compiled PMML.

11:30-13:00 Workshops Session II

1. Helping your Boss leverage advanced analytics (and KNIME)


Phil Winters and Greg Landrum (KNIME)

We will be sharing some ideas and best practices on not only helping to ensure the great work you do with KNIME is used within your organization but is also recognized as being valuable. This is intended as an interactive session so we hope that you also bring your best practices for sharing with others.

2. KNIME Text Mining Workshop

slides704.69 KB

ROOM: Berlin-Peking

Kilian Thiel and Roland Burger (KNIME)

In this KNIME Text Mining Workshop we will briefly explain how the KNIME Textprocessing nodes can be used to read, process, and transform textual data into numerical vectors. Based on these vectors, machine learning techniques, such as clustering and predictive modeling will be applied. Beyond that we will train and use a predictive model as recommender system for news articles, apply the elbow method for document clustering and topic extraction, and create an interaction network of main characters based on the Game of Thrones books.

3. KNIME Server Workshop,

slides4.26 MB

ROOM: Berlin-London

Iris Adä and Vincenzo Tursi (KNIME)

The KNIME Server Workshop is designed to allow existing or prospective KNIME Server customers to learn how to get the most out of KNIME Server. Learn how to effectively: share workflows, data and metanodes with colleagues, offload computationally intensive tasks to dedicated hardware, schedule tasks to run automatically, server administration managed by KNIME, and deploy analytics generated with KNIME Analytics Platform to end-users with KNIME WebPortal and KNIME Server REST API.

4. Data Preparation from the Trenches

ROOM: Berlin-Berlin 1

Dean Abbott (Abbott Analytics)

The data preparation stage of predictive modeling is often viewed and the most time-consuming, with experts describing the time expended in this stage ranging from 50% to even 90%. One of the problems modelers encounter with data preparation is that the needs and solutions for data cleaning and creation of new variables (features) changes with each project or sometimes even within a single project because there is no theory that tells us what to do. This workshop focuses on several key principles used in the creation of derived variables (features) and variable selection. Examples from several modeling projects will illustrate the principles.

5. KNIME Image Processing Workshop

ROOM: Berlin-Berlin 3

Christian Dietz and Martin Horn (KNIME)

The KNIME Image Processing Workshop provides a brief introduction into the analysis of images with KNIME Image Processing. We will walk through several use cases from various fields including: BioImage Analysis and Classification, Car Counting, Face Detection. We will also provide a short overview of our current and future work. The workshop is recommended for users who are familiar with KNIME Analytics Platform and would like to learn more about KNIME Image Processing. We will also give an overview over the different use-cases of KNIME Image Processing (from bio-imaging to face-recognition) and also an introduction about ongoing collaborations future directions.



OverviewTraining AgendaSummit AgendaWorkshops – Venue – Registration

Hotel Berlin, Berlin has a contingent of rooms reserved for attendees. When you reserve a room, please use this link for the group “KNIME SPRING SUMMIT 2017” to benefit from the special Summit rate. This special Summit hotel rate ensures you a Superior room, including breakfast. We advise booking your room early.

Fancy a run during the Summit week? On March 14-17 (Tue-Fri) you can meet in the hotel foyer at 6.45 AM to go on a 4 or 8 km run together with the hotel's general manager - of course people from the KNIME Team will be joining the crowd! Everyone will be back each day at the hotel by 8 am to enjoy some breakfast before the day's activities continue. The weather forecast for the Summit week is not great - but the jogging will continue to take place.



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