KNIME Meetup San Francisco

- San Francisco, CA

KNIME will host it's inaugural Bay Area meetup at the Swissnex offices, Tuesday, October 8, 2013 from 4-7pm. The event will be led by one of KNIME's founders, Michael Berthold who is currently residing at Swissnex San Francisco! Also presenting will be Aaron Hart, a KNIMEr from Zurich with a background in life sciences. The first hour will be dedicated to KNIME Newbies and provide a quick, introductory overview. Starting at 5pm, we will take a look into the KNIME Labs and what's cooking for 2.9 (scheduled for December 2013) and we will also discuss a few more recent extensions for KNIME, most notable the new, interactive R integration.

If you are interested in talking about your own KNIME use cases during the show&tell session, please talk to use during the Meetup or shoot us an email beforehand.

If you plan to attend, or wish to find out more, please have a a look at the Meetup page here. Alternatively, if you prefer not to register via Meetup, just shoot us an email


The slides used at the meetup are now available: