KNIME Meetup in Zurich

- Zurich, Switzerland

Big Data Science is just a Click Away

A meetup on Big Data? Of course! 

With Big Data being one of the biggest challenges faced by IT today, we would like to invite you to a meetup that addresses just how simple it is to integrate big data platforms into KNIME. Hadoop, Hive, Cloudera, Hortonworks, HP Vertica, ParStream, and your own preferred big data platform can all be accessed easily from within the KNIME platform. Connecting to them is as easy as creating a node, throwing in the right credentials, and executing!

And, if you are struggling with SQL queries or the required script, you can always simplify your life by using the KNIME database nodes, which allow you to put together DB operations modularly and create complex SQL without writing code. The database nodes are SQL dialect aware, making you independent from your big data platform choice.

The first talk, held by KNIME, is an introduction to the current big data extension in KNIME and to its dedicated and generic nodes to access big data platforms. It will also contain some previews about future developments in this area!
The second talk will be given by Claudio Riefolo, an independent consultant, about using big data and KNIME to build a recommendation engine.

Before the meetups starts, at 6:00pm there will be a quick introduction to KNIME for those who do not know it yet!


  • 6:00pm "A Quick Introduction to KNIME"
  • 6:30pm “Integrating Big Data is as easy as 1, 2, 3 … 4!”, Rosaria Silipo, KNIME
  • 7:00pm "Unlock the power of BigData with KNIME. How to perform a market basket analysis", Claudio Riefolo, independent consultant
  • 7:30pm Networking

Please register at to attend the meetup, which is being held in the Fortran Room of Technopark, Technoparkstrasse 1, Zürich, Switzerland. We look forward to seeing you there!