KNIME Meetup in San Diego, California

- San Diego, USA

Exploring Data with KNIME & Tableau

At this KNIME meetup in San Diego, USA, Mark Donnelly & Kate Bartkiewicz will be talking about how they use KNIME together with Tableau to explore and visualize their data.

There will also be a presentation by Jay Diamond, introducing KNIME to people who are not familiar with the open source platform.


  • 6.00 PM  "Introduction to KNIME" by Jay Diamond,
  • 6.30 PM "Data Exploration Using KNIME and Tableau" by Kate Bartkiewicz
  • 7.00 PM "Function and Form: KNIME and Tableau the best of both worlds" by Mark Donnelly.
  • 7.30 PM Networking

Snacks & drinks are provided

Please register at to attend the meeting, which is being held in the Henry Molaison conference room of DART Neuroscience, 12278 Scripps Summit Drive, San Diego. We look forward to seeing you there!