KNIME Meetup Heidelberg on Image Processing

- BioQuant, Im Neuenheimer Feld 267, Heidelberg, Germany, seminar room 043

Dear KNIMErs!

We are very happy to welcome so many people to the newly established Heidelberg KNIME Users Meetup!

The first Heidelberg KNIME Meetup will be on January 15, 2015 at BioQuant, Im Neuenheimer Feld 267, seminar room 043 with the aim of providing an outline of the diverse activities we are working on with KNIME.

Having provided this outline, the main focus of this first KNIME Meetup will be on Image Processing. At the same time, our interest is to motivate people to take part, even if they are not necessarily involved in image processing applications. At each following meeting the focus of the agenda will move to a different topic. 

At the January meetup we will discuss topics and use cases of your KNIME applications and give deeper insight into the KNIME Image Processing framework. We are very happy to announce that we were able to win over Christian Dietz from the University of Konstanz to speak at this meetup. He is one of the lead developers of KNIP the KNIME Image Processing extension and will give an introduction on “Image Processing with KNIME”, as well as show use cases, examples and workflows to help you get started.

The evening will include time for you to present your applications (max 5 minutes) as a basis for discussion. Please let us know if you are interested in presenting your work. The agenda will be scheduled accordingly.

Before the official start at 18:00 we will have a 45 min KNIME crash course, starting at 17:00, for those of you who don't have much experience with KNIME or have never used KNIME before. The crash course is an opportunity to get familiar with KNIME quickly, learn basic usage and some tips and tricks.

And after the presentations, there will be ample time for discussions and networking over pizza and drinks.

Check the meetup on as well!

In summary, we hope to discuss our future activities in terms of

  • topics being addressed
  • making the Heidelberg network (and thus KNIME) also attractive for newbies or people who don’t have much experience with KNIME by offering KNIME crash courses as part of the official KNIME Meetup sessions or as a separate event
  • ...

You are welcome to tell your data scientist friends about the meetup and invite them to join. 

The meetup is free and open to all KNIME interested people!

Agenda (preliminary):

17:00 KNIME Crash Course for Beginners

17:45 Networking and Pizza

18:00 Official Start: "Image Mining with KNIME ", Christian Dietz (lead developer of the KNIME Image Processing extension, University of Konstanz)

18:45 Short presentations (max. 5 minutes)

Following: Networking apero