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KNIME Fall Summit 2018 – Austin

- - Austin, Texas, USA

Our 3rd annual KNIME Fall Summit is taking place from November 6-9, 2018 in Austin, Texas! Join us, along with top data scientists and industry thought leaders, for four days of learning more about KNIME Analytics Platform and how it's being used to solve complex data problems in areas such as life sciences, manufacturing, marketing, retail sales, and more. There'll also be plenty of opportunities to meet the people behind KNIME and hear about new and upcoming features, as well as discuss all things data science and data analytics with other KNIME users and enthusiasts.

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Since many of last year's attendees asked for more courses, we are now starting a day earlier and offering courses on both Tuesday and Wednesday before the Summit begins on Thursday.

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On November 6 & 7 we are offering several one-day KNIME courses that cover a variety of topics. Your Summit registration allows you to select either one or two of these full day courses:

Tuesday, November 6, 2018:

Wednesday, November 7, 2018:


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Here is the preliminary agenda for KNIME Fall Summit:

Thursday, November 8

9:00 AM - Registration & Coffee

10:00 AM - Welcome & Opening - Slides

  • Michael Berthold (KNIME)

10:30 AM - What's New & Cooking - What's New Slides, What's Cooking Slides

  • Bernd Wiswedel & Team (KNIME)

1:00 PM - Lunch

2:00 PM - Session 1

  • Finding Themes in Text Data to Help Transform Member Experience
    Melvi M. Methippara (Kaiser Permanente)
  • Using Analytics to Improve Consumer Choice in the US & the UK - Slides
    Michelle Leonard & Doris Sullivan (Consumer Reports)
  • Advanced Job Analytics @ Daimler - Slides
    Julian Leweling (Daimler)

3:30 PM - Coffee Break

4:00 PM - Session 2

  • Data Science at Palo Alto Networks: How Do We Innovate?
    Nandan Thor & Sirish Upadhyay (Palo Alto Networks)
  • Data Science at Palo Alto Networks: How Do We Productionize?
    Juho Parviainen & Nilesh Dhomse (Palo Alto Networks)
  • Keynote - Doing the Data Science Dance: The Interplay Between Algorithms, Data Preparation, Sampling, and Interpretation - Slides
    Dean Abbott (SmarterHQ)

6:00 PM - End of Summit Day One

6:40 PM - Shuttle Buses to Micheladas

7:00 PM - Dinner at Micheladas


Friday, November 9

9:00 AM - Registration & Coffee

9:30 AM - Session 3

  • On Monsters and Tags... - Slides
    Jeany Prinz & Greg Landrum (KNIME)
  • Deploying KNIME in an Amazon Cloud Environment for High-Throughput Image Analysis - Slides
    Andries Zijlstra (Vanderbilt/Nashville)
  • A Data Pipeline Approach to Orphan Disease Insights - Slides
    Sebastian Lefebvre (Alexion Pharmaceuticals)

11:00 AM - Coffee Break

11:30 AM - Session 4

  • Guided Analytics at Seagate - Slides
    Allan Luk & Eric Lin (Seagate)
  • Data Analytics in Data Storage Device Development & Testing - Slides
    Debin Wang (Seagate)
  • Using KNIME for Optimizing Die Utilization - Slides
    Zachary Eich (AMD)

1:00 PM - Lunch

2:00 PM - Session 5

  • Guided Analytics for ML/AI Automation - Slides
    Christian Dietz & Simon Schmid (KNIME)
  • Enterprise Scale Data Blending - Slides
    Shalini Subramanian (Juniper Networks)
  • REST API: Workflow Integration with Python - Slides
    Owen Watson (Juniper Networks)

3:15 PM - Coffee Break

3:30 PM - Session 6

  • Custom Language Translation using KNIME & Keras - Slides
    Mohammed Ayub & Joseph Gochal (NFPA)
  • Creating an Equipment Anomaly Detection Framework - Slides
    Ziad Katrib (Calpine)
  • Turning AI Hype into Something Practical: Demystifying Bots - Slides
    Phil Winters & Vincenzo Tursi (KNIME)

5:00 PM - Farewell Reception/Open Bar

7:00 PM - End of Fall Summit


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The Fall Summit will once again be held at AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center.


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