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KNIME Fall Summit 2016 – San Francisco

- - Mission Bay Conference Center, 1675 Owens St #251, San Francisco, CA 94158, United States

KNIME Fall Summit 2016 was our first KNIME Summit in the US. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this a success – to the speakers for the stimulating presentations, to the participants for taking part and entering into dialogue with us, and to the people at Mission Bay Conference Center for their great logistics. If you missed any of the presentations, we are uploading slides here. Check out the agenda below. If you enjoyed the event, do share this with your colleagues. And if there’s anything you think we can do better, please contact us. The next KNIME Summit is our KNIME Spring Summit in Berlin from 14-17 March 2017. We look forward to seeing you there.

Overview – Training AgendaSummit AgendaVenueRegistration


KNIME Fall Summit 2016 - San Francisco - Overview

Overview – Training Agenda – Summit AgendaVenueRegistration

Wednesday September 14, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Robertson Foyer 2 and 3

Update: Both training courses are sold out!
(Registration for the Summit is still open!)

If you are new to KNIME or interested in the KNIME Big Data Extensions, sign up for our pre-summit KNIME Training courses on September 14:

Course 1 - KNIME User Training: This one day course is an intensive program designed to provide supervised experience tackling the common tasks you will face in your future analytics work. Learn how to import data from a variety of sources, build, evaluate and select models, visualize results, and generate reports. Check out the agenda here.

Course 2 - KNIME Big Data Training: This one day course focuses on processing and mining databases with Hadoop and Spark through KNIME by using the KNIME Big Data Extensions. Learn how to interact with these tools through hands-on examples during the course. Check out the agenda here.

OverviewTraining Agenda – Summit Agenda – VenueRegistration

Thursday September 15, 9am – 7pm, Fisher Banquet Room & Atrium

9:00am - Registration and Breakfast: Atrium

10:00am - Opening and KNIME Session

  • Welcome and Introduction, slides
    Michael Berthold (KNIME)
  • What’s New in KNIME, slides
    Bernd Wiswedel (KNIME)
  • What’s Cooking in the KNIME and Big Data Labs, slides
    Bernd Wiswedel & Tobias Kötter (KNIME)

12:30pm - Lunch Break: Atrium

1:30pm - Session I

  • Open Source Innovation in a Closed Source World
    Andrew Ruegger & Greg Smith (GroupM/Catalyst)
  • The Universal Model: Realizing Business Value through Near Real-Time Decision Support Systems
    Ramya Narayanaswamy & May Tan (Comcast)

2:30pm - Afternoon Break: Atrium

3:00pm - Session II

  • Extracting Truths from Social Media, slides
    Benjamin Spiegel (MMI Agency)
  • Weaponizing Sales and Marketing with Predictive Real-Time Lead Ranking, slides
    Jere Helenius (Palo Alto Networks)
  • What’s Love Got To Do With It? Analyzing Tweets about Online Dating, slides
    Cathy Pearl

4:30pm - Short Break

4:45pm - Special KNIME Session

  • Data Science for Everybody, slides
    Rosaria Silipo & Greg Landrum (KNIME)

5:30pm - Networking & Flying Buffet: Atrium

OverviewTraining Agenda – Summit Agenda – VenueRegistration

Friday September 16, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm, Fisher Banquet Room & Atrium

9:00am - Registration and Breakfast: Atrium

9:30am - Session III

  • From Corkscrew to Swiss Army Knife:  The evolving role of KNIME at DNS, slides
    Brock Luty  & Tim Parrott(Dart NeuroScience)
  • KNIME as a Platform for Integrated Hit Finding at Novartis, slides
    Patrick Lee (Novartis)
  • Predictive Modeling of On-And-Off Target Bioactivities - a Data Vendor Perspective, slides
    Tim Hoctor (Elsevier)

11:00am - Morning Break: Atrium

11:30am - Session IV

  • Open Source Tool Blending: Image Analysis in KNIME, slides
    Curtis Rueden (University of Wisconsin-Madison) & Christian Dietz (University of Konstanz)
  • How Big Data Analytics Powered by KNIME Can Transform a 120 Year Non-Profit NGO
    Nathaniel Lin (National Fire Protection Association)

12:30pm - Lunch Break: Atrium

1:30pm - Session V

  • Using KNIME agile prototyping to establish PoV to project sponsors, slides
    Sameer Bhatnagar
  • When the Old meets the New: How Advanced Data Analytics is Transforming Manufacturing, slides
    Rumi Ghosh (Bosch)
  • Transforming Under Armour's Market Execution through Geospatial Analytics
    Ryan Keane (Under Armour)

3:00 pm    Afternoon Break: Atrium

3:30pm - Special Lecture

  • Measuring Variable Importance with Target Shuffling, slides
    Dean Abbott (Abbott Analytics)

4:30pm - End of Summit Get-together at Spark Social

OverviewTraining AgendaSummit Agenda – Venue – Registration

We’re very excited that the Fall Summit will be in San Francisco’s new, modern event destination, Mission Bay Conference Center. It’s centered in UCSF life sciences campus, just south of downtown San Francisco and only steps away from the San Francisco Giant’s AT&T Ballpark, shopping, and great hotels.



What are the KNIME Summits? The KNIME Summits started as an annual Users General Meeting (UGM) in Zurich, Switzerland inviting users of the KNIME Analytics Platform to demonstrate and talk about how they apply this powerful data analytics tool. Year by year, the conference has grown, moving to larger venues in 2015 in Berlin, Germany. 2016 saw the renaming of the conference to the KNIME Spring Summit and the announcement that the KNIME Summits would be held twice a year – in Spring and in the Fall – in Europe and the US.

Our mission is to invite thought leaders from the inter-disciplinary fields in which the open source KNIME Analytics Platform is used and to bring together the KNIME community of practitioners and researchers working in modern, advanced data analytics.

OverviewTraining AgendaSummit AgendaVenue – Registration


These hotels are all roughly 10–15 minutes by car from the Mission Bay Conference Center, or 30 minutes by muni. Or 20 minutes by bike: San Francisco has a good bike sharing program and there is a bike share station just 2 minutes from the conference center.