KNIME Developer Training - June 2015

- San Francisco is hosting a 1-day KNIME Developer Training Course at the MicoTek labs, 655 Montgomery St., Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94111 USA on June 23, 2015.

This course is for Java developers who want to extend KNIME to include custom functionality. It explains the KNIME architecture, describes the node extension wizard and gives you details on each of the different components that make up a custom node. Participants should have basic experience in Java programming.

Training Content

Tuesday, June 23, 2015: 9AM - 5PM

  • Architecture Overview
  • Node Extension Wizard
  • Data Handling & Data Types
  • Dialog and Settings
  • External Tool API and SOAP Web-Services
  • Best Practice & Noding Guidelines
  • Plug-in Deployment & Testing

Please bring your own laptop in order to follow the hands-on parts of the course. All training materials will be included on a USB stick.

Breakfast snacks, coffee and lunch will be served.

The course will be run by Bernd Wiswedel. Bernd is one of the founders of KNIME and arguably the author of the first line of code. He has been with KNIME since the beginning and is CTO at AG, Zurich, Switzerland, where he coordinates the development activities of both the open source KNIME platform and the enterprise scale extensions. He holds a PhD with the University of Konstanz, Germany; his background is in data and information mining.


Course Fees

Course Price
Developer Training €385,00


The KNIME Team.