KNIME Business Hub Webinar

May 16, 2023 - Online
KNIME Business Hub Release Webinar

For years, KNIME’s free and open source platform has been complemented by KNIME Server, the commercial software for productionizing data science solutions. More recently, users have also been able to leverage the KNIME Community Hub to share and collaborate on thousands of data science solutions globally.  

With the new release, KNIME Server capabilities have been integrated in KNIME Hub and offered as KNIME Business Hub. Businesses now have a single environment for all data workers to securely collaborate and share best practices, as well as deploy and monitor their analytical workflows.

Join the KNIME team in this webinar to learn more about the latest commercial offering and KNIME’s vision for how it can help organizations build internal data science communities. The event will conclude with a Q&A.


Will I be able to ask questions?

Absolutely - fire away!

Where do I find the latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform?

Download the latest free, open source version of KNIME here: knime.com/download.

What other resources will help me to get started in KNIME?