KNIME Boston Meetup, July 2014

- Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (Monadnock Room), 7 Cambridge Ctr, Cambridge, MA 02139

This meetup is dedicated to Text Processing and Text Mining.

After an introduction to the text processing extension of KNIME by Kilian Thiel, where we will investigate some Tripadvisor data in search of ethnic restaurants, we will move to Amazon reviews  for a real world application with Anil Tarachandani.

Like the last time, for KNIME newbies, at 5pm just before the meetup starts, there will be a 45min crash tour highlighting the main KNIME features. 

Do not worry! There will also be plenty of time for questions, discussions and informal chats over small bites and drinks.

The meetup is free and open to all KNIME interested people!
For the agenda,  registrations, and any more information, please check the meetup web site.