KNIME and the Life Sciences Meetup

October 9, 2017 - CNAM, 2 rue Conté, 75003 Paris, France

Come to our very first KNIME Users meetup in Paris on October 9, 2017!

The focus of this meetup is KNIME Analytics Platform and the Life Sciences. Our invited speakers have some fascinating talks, for example about data mining in safety data sheets (Thierry Convard), Peptide Descriptors (Olivier Lavergne), Histopathology (Jon Fuller, KNIME) and the Novel KNIME nodes by BioSolveIT.

If you are new to KNIME then make sure you're there at the beginning of the meetup for Mihaly Medzihradszky's introductory talk about KNIME Analytics Platform.

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Preliminary agenda:

  • 18.00 Welcome and introduction to KNIME Analytics Platform, Mihaly Medzihradszky, KNIME
  • 18.15 Title of talk tba, Eric Ginoux, Life and Soft
  • 18.30 R and Pathon Scripts in KNIME for Peptide Research, Olivier Laverne (Chem4LS)
  • 18.45 Histopathology, Jon Fuller (KNIME)
  • 19.00 Activity Profiling & Toxicity Prediction using Inte:Ligand's LigandScout KNIME Extensions, Thierry Langer (Inte:Ligand)
  • 19.15 Break
  • 19.30 KNIME for Lab Chemical Explore Risk Assessment, Thierry Convard (Idenix)
  • 19.45 10^16 Possibilities to Visualizing G in One Pocket: The Novel KNIME Nodes by BioSolveIT 
  • 20.00 Networking
  • 20.45 Close

Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Talk Abstracts

  • "KNIME for lab chemical exposure risk assessment", Thierry Convard (Idenix)

KNIME is a convenient and flexible tool to compile hazardous chemicals physical-chemical properties, structure, pdf safety data sheets and other pertinent information from several databases.

  • "R and Python scripts in KNIME for Peptide Research", Olivier Lavergne (Chem4LS)

KNIME script nodes are used to obtain sequence based Peptide descriptors from R and Python libraries

Would you like to attend a workshop about KNIME and Life Science before the meetup? Read more about our free workshop also at CNAM on October 9 here

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