Image Processing - Webinar (Online Training) - March 2014

- The Internet (webex instructions will follow)

This 1-hour free webinar introduces the main concepts and functionalities in image processing as they are available in the KNIME Image Processing extension.

In particular, we will explore:

  • basic image data handling
  • image pre-processing (filters etc.)
  • image segmentation
  • image analytics
  • image segment hiliting
  • use and status of the ImageJ, Fiji and ImageJ2 integrations



Time: 18:00 (Central Europe)

Duration: 1 hour (+ time for questions)

Cost: None


Registrations for the Webinar "Image Processing" are now closed.

Here is some follow up information:

  • The recorded video of the webinar is now available on Youtube at
  • The workflow used in the webinar can be downloaded from:
    • the EXAMPLES server under 099_Community/02_ImageProcessing/09902001_HCS_Image_Processing
  • You can find more workflows about image processing at /community/image-processing
  • The slides are also available 
    here2.23 MB

We are looking forward to meeting you at your selected KNIME Webinar.

The KNIME Team.