First KNIME Talk in Russia on Bioinformatics with KNIME

- St Petersburg, Russia

Oleg Yasnev from KNIME will be giving a talk at Bioinformatics Institute in St Petersburg in Russia as part of one of the institute's lecture series. The talk focuses on the problems faced by bioinformaticians when processing and analysing large datasets and how they can be solved with KNIME Analytics Platform.

This talk centers around an important problem that bioinformaticians face in their work, where almost every real task involves the processing and analysis of large datasets. These tasks have to be solved not only correctly but also efficiently. The solution process can be divided in two parts: "thinking" about how to solve the problem and then "training" a computer to do this. This talk focuses particularly on efficient "training".

Algorithms implemented in a naive way will run for an inappropriately long time when it comes to gigabytes of real data. The bioinformatician needs not only basic programming skills, but must also be aware of technical nuances as well. Even a professional programmer will have to devote quite some time e.g. in order to efficiently use Hadoop when working with big data. The question is: can a contemporary scientist concentrate entirely on finding a solution without in-depth knowledge of many languages, libraries and frameworks? Oleg will be talking about how this can be solved using KNIME Analytics Platform.

Despite the complexity of the technology Oleg likes to compare the process with a meccano set where you can build up a program out of modules: bricks of any taste and color: if it's data you want – you are welcome; you want big data – no problem; you want bioinformatics – the results are great! The worldwide KNIME community actively integrates their tools into KNIME for sequence and NGS analysis, mass spectrometry, image processing, chemoinformatics to name but a few: SeqAn (Knut Reinert), EMBL-EBI Nodes, HCS Tools (Max Planck Institute), Knime4Bio (Pierre Lindenbaum), RDKit (Greg Landrum) and others.


Oleg Yasnev is a Software Engineer at KNIME in Berlin. His focus at KNIME is web development, JS development and online education. He has several years' experience in the development of analytics systems and has worked in the field of bioinformatics. That is why it is a great pleasure for him to be able to help bioinformatics research groups master KNIME software.