Course for KNIME Server, London

- London

This course dives into the details of KNIME Server and KNIME WebPortal and discusses them from three different points of view: the power user, the administrator, and the end user. All tools and features designed for each one of these three personas are shown in detail and illustrated by means of interactive sessions and hands-on exercises.

Attendees learn how to exchange workflows and data between the server and the client, how to take advantage of the many server dedicated nodes and features when implementing a workflow, how to set access rights on workflows, data, and meta-nodes, share meta-nodes, execute workflows remotely and from the KNIME WebPortal, and how to schedule report and workflow executions, and more.

The course is designed not only for customers, partners, and the community, but also for anyone interested in finding out more about the KNIME commercial platform and its functionalities.

Extend your stay in by attending the KNIME Analytics Platform Introductory Course on June 4. We're also hosting a user meetup (where you'll learn about sentiment analysis) on June 5.

Course Content

  • KNIME Product Overview
  • Roles (Personas) involved in a Data Science Project
  • Introduction to the Use Case (Customer Segmentation)
  • KNIME Server Basic Features
  • KNIME Server Advanced Features
  • Summary and Q&A

Course Fees

  • KNIME Server Course (1 day): € 250

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Midcity Place, BTIC Experience Room, 71, High Holborn, London WC1V 6EA, United Kingdom.