Anomaly Detection in Predictive Maintenance with KNIME - November 2015

- Dublin, Ireland

Come to Zalando at The Warehouse in Dublin, Ireland for a meetup about Anomaly Detection with KNIME, where Rosaria has been invited by the Data Scientists Ireland meetup group to give a talk.

We are all witnessing the current data explosion: social media data, clinical data, system data, CRM data, web data, and lately tons of sensor data! With the advent of the Internet of Things, system and monitoring applications are producing humongous amounts of data which undergo evaluation to optimize costs and benefits, predict future events, classify behaviors, implement quality control, and more. All these use cases are relatively well established by now: a goal is defined, a target class is selected, a model is trained to recognize/predict the target, and the same model is applied to new never-seen-before productive data


  • 6.30 PM Doors, pizza, networking

  • 7.00 PM Presentation

  • 7.45 PM Q&A

  • 8.30 PM Networking

  • 9.00 PM Close

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

If you would like attend, please register via the Data Scientists Ireland meetup site here!