Bring AI to Your Enterprise

KNIME Software removes the friction in building and deploying AI/ML powered apps and services.

Low-Code AI/ML Platform for Data Scientists

KNIME Analytics Platform provides an intuitive environment for complex work. Data experts can leverage the intuitive, drag-and-drop interface to efficiently design, train, and apply machine learning models.

Low-Code to Explore Methods

Solving a problem with the right AI/ML method no longer requires users to code in the language of that library. Reach out to Keras for Deep Learning, H2O, XGBoost, or many other AI/ML libraries directly from any KNIME workflow to quickly explore your options.

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Low-Code to Explain Approaches

Your AI/ML solution doesn’t have to be a black box. Quickly show your work to a colleague or infosec counterpart to bring more team members into the loop. 

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Low-Code to Share Apps and Services

You no longer need to bother IT to deploy your data science solution. KNIME enables you to automatically capture your model together with its associated preparation and post-processing steps and move it into production.

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How KNIME Users Build AI/ML Apps and Services

TODO1's Journey to ML with Purpose

TODO1 built an anti-fraud product profiler to deal with transactional fraud mitigation in the digital interactions between financial institutions and their customers.

Rabobank Empowers 300 Auditors to Run Anomaly Detection

After interviewing senior auditors across the organization, the data team at Rabobank built an ML-powered workflow that can be shared and re-used across the organization. 

Würth Srl Boosts E-Commerce Marketing with an Automatic Recommendation Engine

The team at Würth Srl built an engine that automatically combined big data from the online shop, their data warehouse and their CRM to automatically generate personalized marketing campaigns.

KNIME Analytics Platform is free and open source. Try it today for training and applying AI/ML methods to any personal project.


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