Test Your Node

In order to test our new node implementation we need to start a new "runtime workbench" (which is basically an eclipse instance started from our running eclipse). To do so, go to "Run" menu and select "Run ...". In the dialog, select "Eclipse Application" on the left and click the "New launch configuration" button as shown in the following screenshot:
You may want to give the new configuration a meaningful name and/or change the runtime parameters of the configuration such as enabling assertions or giving the newly spawned Java process more memory (e.g. in the arguments tab under "VM arguments" you have to enter "-ea -Xmx512M" in order to use assertions(-ea) and increase the available heap space to 512MB. Launch the configuration using the "Run button". In the opened runtime workbench open the KNIME perspective (i.e. "Window" - "Open Perspective" - "Konstanz Information Miner"). You will notice that it also contains your newly defined node in the node repository. Please note that you do all these steps only once, the run configuration is saved and available in the run history, i.e. you restart the workbench by clicking the run button.

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