DialogComponents and NodeDialogPane

The provided DefaultNodeSettingsPane is a convenient way to build simple dialogs without the need to implement any additional methods or arranging components. Its layout is very restricted though, components can be arranged only below/next to each other. If you need a more complex dialog with a different layout, you need to create your own swing panel (directly derived from NodeDialogPane). You can still use the DialogComponents, arrange them in your custom panel and benefit from their loading and saving capabilities: Each component provides a getComponentPanel() method that returns the panel holding the component. This panel can be placed into your dialog pane. In the dialog's loadSettingsFrom and saveSettingsTo methods, you need to call the component's loadSettingsFrom and saveSettingsTo respectively. The usage of the corresponding SettingsModels in the NodeModel is the same as if they were used in a DefaultNodeSettingsPane.

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