Data Practice Leader

Enable your data science team to focus on delivering business insights

KNIME Software enables you to make best use of your people, time, and technology resources in order to meet the needs of both the team and the enterprise. It provides an environment which empowers your data science team to use the tools they know and to collaborate on complex projects. The deployment and management functionalities make it easy to productionize data science applications and services, and deliver usable, reliable, and reproducible insights for the business.

Data Practise Leader

Lead a happy and productive team

Give your team the freedom to choose from a wide range of state of the art tools for data wrangling, analytics, and visualization in one uniform environment. Keep them ahead of the curve by giving them the ability to integrate new technology and tools, so they can focus on the problems that matter. The internal and public collaboration features in KNIME Software - like the KNIME Community Hub where hundreds of ready-made examples are available for download - make your team productive from the very beginning.

Manage a successful team

Ensure your team delivers high quality results that align with business requirements. Governance capabilities like versioning, documentation, administration, and monitoring ensure reliable and reproducible data science is delivered. KNIME Software allows you to standardize processes and establish best practices, and it also ensures knowledge can be transferred and managed across diverse teams. The visual environment of KNIME Analytics Platform puts knowledge management front and center, documenting all steps of a workflow in an understandable way.

Bridge the gap between data science and business

KNIME Software allows your data science team to easily deploy complex workflows to business analysts or as analytical services for integration in your IT landscape - no coding required. While KNIME Business Hub deploys a workflow as a REST Service, business analysts have access to interactive data apps from their browser. Here, they can easily make modifications, explore data and draw insights at interaction points, predefined and controlled by your team, guiding the domain expert through the process.

Mitigate risks in your data science cycle

Some of the biggest risks for organizations are around security, privacy, auditing, and compliance. Focus on empowering and leading your team and less on mitigating risk with tools like access control and user rights management, encryption, auditing functionality, auto-documentation, and logging features. Features such as backward compatibility, rollback and granular permissions around workflows help you avoid unintended changes. The extensibility of KNIME Analytics Platform let's you avoid vendor lock-in and provides you with the ability to adapt to changing business needs through our open platform.

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