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KNIME Data Talks: Data Culture Across Industries

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Welcome and Introductions

Speakers: Ross Gaskell, Betsy Westphal, Paul Treichler (Forest Grove & KNIME)

In this opening talk, Ross discusses the data citizen philosophy, the importance of enabling employees to work with data, and how open source platforms like KNIME are helping accelerate collective data-backed behaviour. Hear more about Forest Grove: Australian leaders in the use of KNIME for developing analytics pipelines. This presentation also introduces KNIME software, as an end-to-end data analytics platform covering all stages of the data science life cycle.

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Creating a Data-Driven Culture

Speaker: Fred Hersleman (DuluxGroup)

Fred understands that people and teams are as critical to data culture success as the tools that facilitate analysis. As the driving force behind DuluxGroup’s enviable data culture and growing analytics community group, Fred explains which systems, tools, and processes have been implemented to enable an impressive shift in data culture and literacy - underpinned by the capabilities of KNIME software. This talk also illustrates how team support and celebrating successes along the way are fundamental to data culture success.

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Moving Up the Analytics Maturity Curve and Away from Data Silos

Speaker: Rhys Meakins (MLG Oz)

A passion for solving business challenges and using technology to create meaningful outcomes is evident in MLG Oz’s data strategy. Rhys describes how they are moving up the data analytics maturity curve, connecting siloed, disparate data sources, and developing a self-serviced BI model. Technologies, such as KNIME, are shaping and driving data culture and literacy change in one of Western Australia’s leading mining services companies. KNIME is a key enabler thanks also to its ease of use and data governance features.

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Using KNIME to Harvest Data for Perth's Smart Freeway

Speaker: David Rey (Main Roads WA)

As a senior business intelligence and data specialist, David drives the advanced analytics processes behind Perth’s Smart Freeways project. His talk describes how Main Roads Western Australia, a government organization, uses KNIME as the analytics engine of choice to coordinate thousands of data points from various sources in real time, to produce automated, intelligent insights to support the successful operation of the Smart Freeway system.

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Extending the Reach of Business Insight with KNIME WebPortal

Speaker: Angus Veitch (Forest Grove)

Angus demonstrates how organizations can extend the reach of critical business insights to data consumers with KNIME WebPortal, a game-changer for data-driven decision making. KNIME WebPortal is the interface for running and engaging with workflows without needing to see the workflow under the hood. He shows the dynamic visualizations possible in a demo of a data app launched to a web browser. See how end-users can customize a customer risk score before sending an email alert with customized data outputs to relevant business users.