Data Science in the Cloud

Solve complex data problems in KNIME with whatever infrastructure meets your needs.

Combine the Power of KNIME Software with Flexible Cloud Infrastructure

Don’t let scarce computing resources prevent your models from getting deployed. Leverage cost-effective, scalable cloud infrastructure together with KNIME's powerful data analytics platform to create and productionize data science. Preconfigured versions of KNIME Analytics Platform, Server and Executors are available on AWS and Azure.

KNIME on Azure

Blend and execute on any amount of data in KNIME with cloud elastic scaling.
Explore and visualize your data in KNIME’s intuitive visual programming environment.
Leverage KNIME’s in-database processing capabilities to keep CPU usage down.
Share workflows and collaborate with colleagues with KNIME Server.
Automate your data science processes, with the option to offload execution from your laptop to a well-provisioned cloud instance.
Choose to take advantage of cloud computing resources as needed (and only pay for what you use).

KNIME Software for Any Data Science Team

Whether you’re an individual practitioner, just starting up a data science function, or leading a mature data science organization, KNIME Software can support you.

KNIME Analytics Platform

The free and open KNIME Analytics Platform is a visual programming environment that enables data experts to create any kind of data science workflows--from ETL to Machine Learning.

KNIME Server

KNIME Server is the commercial complement to KNIME Analytics Platform that facilitates team-based collaboration, automation, management, and deployment of data science workflows as analytical applications and services.

Keep Deployment Costs Low with Elastic Scalability

KNIME Executors, as part of KNIME Server, execute data science workflows designed in KNIME Analytics Platform and can be set up to run on independent virtual machines. Pair these capabilities with pay-as-you-go (PAYG) cloud offerings to scale elastically and dynamically, based on your computing needs.


Mix & Match Your Infrastructure

Host and productionize all your data science on the cloud, or choose a hybrid model combining your enterprise’s data center and cloud hosting. Start with BYOL for the resource capacity typically required, and augment with PAYG for special projects or as needed.

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KNIME on Azure

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