Data Analysis Has Outgrown Excel

Spreadsheets are the de facto standard for data analysis. But once you spend more time copy-and-pasting than actual analysis, you should reconsider your software.

As your data gets bigger, spreadsheets become too much work.

Managing a lot of data in spreadsheet means:

  • Tedious data maintenance that’s prone to human error

  • Unclear formula dependency that’s painful to debug at a glance

  • Sharing regular analyses with stakeholders is manual and time-consuming


KNIME’s visual workflows allow for simpler, faster, and less error-prone data analysis. Visual components allow you to re-use all or part of the same workflow and run reports on autopilot.


Instantly Combine Data Files of Any Size and Format

Combine data from disparate sources with a few clicks. There are no limits to the number of data sources, rows or steps in the process.




Automate Routine Data Process

Free your team from their spreadsheets by reducing manual work. Automate any repeated steps, so your team can better spend their time.


Share Knowledge and Ensure Compliance

Visual workflows enables team members to understand your analysis at-a-glance. Also package up any expertise, like scripting, into a component for later reuse.3


Uplevel Your Data Analysis with KNIME

Download the open-source KNIME Analytics Platform, or get in touch with our customer care team to learn about how 1000s of teams use KNIME software in a corporate setting.

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Transition from Excel to KNIME

This free guide maps the most commonly used Excel functions and techniques to their KNIME equivalents. See how data reading, filtering, sorting, pivoting, and vlookups are handled in KNIME.

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