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Transform your business with data science

You know data science provides value but don’t want to wait weeks to receive only half relevant insights. Furthermore, you want to be able to quickly influence the data and methods used and the application and services provided. KNIME Software brings you into the data science cycle so you can provide feedback and ensure the data science process immediately reflects changing requirements or new insights.

Business Leader

Create actual value for your business

You’re a problem solver and creator of value. You’re charged with providing meaningful insights out of data that have an impact on your business. More often than not, these decisions need to be made quickly. The open framework of KNIME Software delivers the insights you need at the pace of your business. The flexibility of KNIME means data science can be created and productionized as it best fits your business. Whether you consume insights via visualizations, applications, or services, with KNIME you can conform your insights to your business - not the other way around.

Be a part of the data science process

There is nothing more frustrating than slow development cycles and loss in translation between data science teams and your business unit. KNIME Software lets you work in a highly participatory and collaborative manner, together with those wrangling the data and generating models and insights. KNIME Software allows you to reach back into the data science cycle at predetermined touchpoints to update data sources, tweak parameters, inject domain knowledge, and more - all this without touching an actual workflow. The result of this is a continuous cycle of insights that can be utilized by a diverse set of consumers.

Mitigate risk

There are many risks when it comes to productionizing data science. From data quality, auditability, and access control, through to performance, security, and compliance. KNIME Software provides the documentation, versioning, audit, user rights management, administration, and encryption tools to meet enterprise needs. There are also business risks that come from being locked into a vendor roadmap, a particular deployment approach, or missing out on new innovations. KNIME Software is deployable across all platforms (on-premise and cloud) and provides an open and extensible framework, meaning you're able to blend the required tools and skills to meet the changing needs of your business.  


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