RapidMiner integration for KNIME

This plugin allows you to use RapidMiner processes in your KNIME workflows.


Please use one of these update sites if you want to give it a try (with KNIME 2.10 or 2.11), which can be specified through the Help menu via the "Install New Software..." command:



In case you miss some features in the 2.11 version, testing the nightlies are appreciated (it has better support for roles)


The process should look like the following:

You should see "Other" category in the community contributions update site. Where you can find the RapidMiner feature similarly to the following screenshot with KNIME Report Designer:

You will also see an unsigned warning as this is not a trusted -by the KNIME team as we cannot offer compatibility between versions, but quite stable- contribution. You can accept that, no one has modified the binaries besides the KNIME build server.

This is the

  version. If you have a commercial RapidMiner 5.3 licence, or would like to buy one along other licence for these nodes, or just need commercial support, a new feature, please contact us.

You also should have RapidMiner 5.3 installed (if you plan to use RapidMinerReport, you should have the RapidMiner Reporting Extension installed too to your local RapidMiner installation). After installing this integration in KNIME you should set the installation path (RapidMiner Preferences):

After setting it, you should restart KNIME to avoid glitches.

After restart you can adjust the RapidMiner Settings. This way you can specify the proxy and other parameters.

In case you cannot apply the settings, click other option from Preferences tree, and back. This way the problematic error will be selected and you can see the error message.


RapidMiner KNIME
(Sub)Process (Sub)Workflow
Operator Node
Input/Output Inport/Outport
ExampleSet DataTable
Result view Viewer nodes, datatable view
Parameters Settings
Extensions Plugins
Example Row
Attribute Column
MetaData DataColumnSpec

About the nodes


With this node you can execute RapidMiner processes with data from KNIME or from RapidMiner.

Please note the first load (after KNIME start) of the configuration panel might take longer than usual, so please be patient.

As you can see in the above screenshot, you have the option to load RapidMiner processes, but also start with a new one. When you check Editable, you can edit the loaded Process, but if you check Always reload on execution? option you can still edit, but the changes will not be saved. You always have the option to reload the Process, or save the current.

In the RapidMiner configuration you can use the KNIME inputs on the left, or if you double-click on a white half-circles you can use the RapidMiner inputs too.

For the output you should connect to the white half-circles on the right.

The Row ID tab in configuration is to handle the generation of a new attribute within RapidMiner, with the specified name.

RapidMiner Viewer

With this node you can visualize your KNIME data using the RapidMiner result view.

Within the viewer you can select the normal options as in RapidMiner to visualize your data.


This node can generate -using the RapidMiner Reporting Extension- the image of the plot of the input data as a PNG or SVG in the outport of the node. Please note, that the advanced charting is not supported.


 - 2012.12.06. - changed the dependencies, so you can use this plugin in KNIME 2.7 without interfering with the KNIME Java Snippet node. Please be advised that the older versions of KNIME might fail to install or work. Do not update this plugin in KNIME 2.6!

 - 2013.02.09. - Updated to RapidMiner 5.3.5 (so 5.2.8 is no longer supported, please do not update it if you still want to use it). Added some code to show tooltips in front of the window. Bumped version to 0.5.3.

 - 2013.08.28. - Updated to RapidMiner 5.3.13. A new feature is to show the logs of a RapidMiner process. The flow variables are now macros in RapidMiner, and the macros are available in KNIME.

 - 2013.09.27 - Added support for RapidMiner Reporting extension. Now it is possible to generate figures using the "old" plotters of RapidMiner. Please report inconveniences as this is quite preliminary version, neither the configuration nor the documentation is completed yet, but feedback is welcome.

 - 2014.12.06 - Support for KNIME 2.11. Trunk (moved to 2.11 too) has support for roles.


I see the following warning message during startup:

WARNING: Failed to set the stream handler factory. Maybe because of the OSGi preset. java.lang.Error: factory already defined at java.net.URL.setURLStreamHandlerFactory(URL.java:1102) at com.rapidminer.tools.NetTools.init(NetTools.java:85) at com.rapidminer.gui.OperatorDocViewer.<clinit>(OperatorDocViewer.java:85) at com.rapidminer.gui.AbstractUIState.<init>(AbstractUIState.java:332) at com.mind_era.knime_rapidminer.knime.nodes.internal.RapidMinerNodePlugin$1$1.<init>(RapidMinerNodePlugin.java:71) at com.mind_era.knime_rapidminer.knime.nodes.internal.RapidMinerNodePlugin$1.run(RapidMinerNodePlugin.java:71)

Is this normal?

Yes. There are some places where there is a confict between RapidMiner and KNIME, this is one of those cases. It causes no (serious/noticable) problems during runtime, but it might be useful when you want to execute RapidMiner from these sources outside KNIME.

The RapidMiner Viewer node does not show data. What should I do?

You should increase the proper settings in the preferences as desrcibed in the installation part of this guide. (Unfortunately the defaults usually are not properly set initially.)

Some of the dialogs not handling mouse clicks well. Is there a workaround?

Yes, we are still looking for a better solution, but in the meantime you can use the keyboard navigation to select the options you want. ([Tab], Shift+[Tab] for navigating, and [Space] for selecting the option.)

Source Code

The source code can be accessed at https://anonymous:knime@community.knime.org/svn/nodes4knime/trunk/com.mind_era.


The RapidMiner integration for KNIME is released under AGPLv3.

An alternative homepage is available at rapidminer.knime.mind-era.com from