KNIME Analytics Platform 4.2

KNIME Analytics Platform 4.2.5

Release date: March 4, 2021


  • BD-1120: (Big Data Extensions): Create Databricks ENV Node should allow user to overwrite the AuthMech JDBC parameter

Bug Fixes

  • BD-1121: (Big Data Extensions): Handle Databricks File System REST API changes


KNIME Analytics Platform 4.2.4

Release date: December 14, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • AP-15809: NTLM (Labs) authentication in KNIME REST nodes fails with NoClassDefFoundError
  • AP-15883: Workflow Writer crashes AP (caused by xgboost port object)
  • AP-15868: Thread leakage in Logfile appender
  • AP-15723: DB Connection Closer node should log a warning instead of an error if connection is already closed
  • AP-15557: NPE when capturing workflow which is part of a Parallel Chunk Loop
  • AP-15551: NullPointerException when persisting workflow summary with job
  • AP-15550: NullPointerException in Call Workflow (Table based) node
  • AP-15542: Workflow summary generation fails for nodes in an inactive branch with absent flow variable
  • AP-15476: Writing workflow summary locks up executor
  • AP-15249: XGBoost Linear Ensemble Learner (Regression) Thrifty error
  • AP-10548: Workflow manager can only load one workflow at a time (possible temporary freeze when used via KNIME Server)


KNIME Analytics Platform 4.2.3

Release date: November 4, 2020


  • AP-15232: "-profileLocation" paths should be relative to installation folder (unless they are absolute)

Bug Fixes

  • AP-15396: File Chooser throws error if default path is '/'
  • AP-15286: "workflow.svg" looks slightly different (labels cropped) on MacOSX
  • AP-15482: Visual Layout editor doesn't work, if apostrophe (') is used in node annotation
  • AP-15454: Fix Path sorting for PathAccessor and FSFiles
  • AP-15384: Athena Connector does not report proper exception if S3 authentication fails during dialog opening
  • AP-15371: Reading from Custom URL fails when URL contains percent-encoded characters in query or fragment
  • AP-15362: SharePoint Online Connector directory creation has race condition that causes wrong error to be thrown
  • AP-15313: Resetting connector node together with Create Temp Dir node sometimes results in NPE
  • AP-15307: Labeling View Widget buttons order is wrong
  • AP-15278: AbstractDialogComponentFileChooser doesn't always update the status message properly
  • AP-15207: Windows Defender handling fails with recent Windows updates
  • AP-15151: Workflow Writer "Deployment Options" are gone
  • AP-15076: Conda env specification via executor.epf seemingly ignored on distributed executors
  • AP-13814: Conditional Box Plot has a strange sorting for the nominal values when containing 00, 01, 10 ...
  • WEBP-565: File Upload Widget receives status 403 when used on KNIME Server Small
  • WEBP-555: Large file uploads crash Chrome and Edge
  • WEBP-547: Padding of button on File Upload Widget
  • WEBP-524: JavaScript views are not working in legacy Edge


KNIME Analytics Platform 4.2.2

Release date: September 28, 2020


  • AP-15041: Extract Context Properties node should provide job ID on server
  • AP-15007: Column Expression node to offer new (string) functions: "contains", "left", "right" (analogous to Excel)
  • WEBP-535: File upload (master): use upload path with server host & increase security when accessing the file system on the server

Bug Fixes

  • AP-15093: On Linux, editing workflow annotation with a background colour throws error
  • AP-15058: Workflow Writer node dialog does not open
  • AP-15035: Replacing a node after selecting multiple nodes causes workflow corruption
  • AP-15196: JavaScript View framework: setValidationError method creates invalid JS
  • AP-15155: Google Drive Connection node omits "cause" in case of connection issues
  • AP-15149: Amazon Athena Connector assume role duration configurable via knime.ini parameter
  • AP-15086: DB Table Creator node fails to create temporary tables for Redshift
  • AP-15060: SimpleFileReader does not work on WindowsServer
  • AP-15053: Create missing folders and overwrite settings not updated when opening dialogs
  • AP-15051: Tagged Document Viewer error when selection disabled
  • AP-15021: Tagged Document Viewer execution initially fails if default inputs are used
  • AP-14858: Connection port missing from deploy to server node
  • AP-14773: Extract Context Properties node has empty relativ workflow path and wrong absolut in queue-based executor
  • AP-13997: Heatmap node sorting Row IDs if they contain int values
  • BD-1056: (Big Data Extensions): DB Loader fails to load data on CDP 7.1 because LOAD DATA is not supported on transactional tables


KNIME Analytics Platform 4.2.1

Release date: August 26, 2020

New Nodes

  • AP-14806: Salesforce Simple Query
  • AP-13721: String to Path node
  • AP-13434: Create directory (new file handling)
  • AP-13432: Delete files no table input (new file handling)


  • AP-14686: Container nodes with new option "Append unique ID to parameter name"
  • AP-13549: Improve performance of Column Expression
  • WEBP-417: Minor improvements on JS-view warning message pop-up

Bug Fixes

  • AP-14849: Table View: Sorting a column will only display first subset of rows (scrolling possible but scroll bar height is misleading)
  • AP-14809: Amazon Nodes (Athena/Redshift/S3/ML nodes) and Google Big Query nodes not visible on MacOS
  • AP-14771: dropins functionality not working any more
  • WEBP-463: Custom CSS is appended to the wrong iFrame in single views
  • AP-14935: DB Loader throws exception for Date & Time columns without milliseconds for Microsoft SQL Server
  • AP-14915: Execution of one metanode blocks editing of other metanodes (both contained in super metanode)
  • AP-14912: Custom URL does not disable mode selection
  • AP-14892: "Bit vector" cell factory available twice -- causing problems in file reader dialog & call workflow nodes
  • AP-14876: Connection errors in I/O nodes when reading/writing from/to server in high frequency
  • AP-14875: Fix FilterOptions for folders in new DialogComponentFileChooser
  • AP-14852: Workflow Writer not working using relative paths when using TeamSpace (client side extension when using KNIME Server)
  • AP-14779: OSX/Linux: Always starts with KNIME theme for new workspaces – to handle dark theme user interface
  • AP-14759: File Download renders empty link when no link title is provided
  • AP-14322: Integrated Deployment: Workflow Executor may hang if if runs into thread exhaustion
  • AP-13748: Error when saving workflow with failure in Recursive Loop End
  • AP-10830: JS Pie/donut chart mixes up colors when there are missing values
  • BD-1037: (Big Data Extensions): Create Spark Context (Livy) does not set Spark session owner when connecting to non-kerberized cluster
  • BD-1011: (Big Data Extensions): ML based Spark Model Learner and Predictor nodes must not save/load model from local Spark driver filesystem
  • WEBP-503: New style widget in single view should not load any css
  • WEBP-473: File Upload should not use colons in file names
  • WEBP-432: Legacy flag is not checked for components with nested components in the layout
  • WEBP-380: Improve design of custom JS alert
  • WEBP-365: Credential Widget not working with 'Use server account information'


KNIME Analytics Platform 4.2.0

(see highlight summary)

Release date: July 13, 2020

New node

  • AP-14762: Integrated Deployment Nodes -- Capture Workflow Start/End, Workflow Combiner, Workflow Writer, ...
  • AP-12359: Nodes for Amazon DynamoDB
  • AP-14761: Various new reader and writer nodes supporting bulk reading and remote file system connection (Labs)
  • AP-14679: Microsoft Authentication
  • AP-14509: SAP Reader (based on Theobald Xtract Universal)
  • AP-14447: SharePoint Online Connector
  • AP-11268: Salesforce Connection (multiple nodes, e.g. Salesforce (OAuth2) Connector, SOQL Query, ...)
  • AP-14294: Simple File Reader -- simplified usage, faster execution time
  • AP-14279: TensorFlow 2 Keras Reader
  • AP-14138: Google Cloud Storage Connector (Labs)
  • AP-13886: String Manipulation (Multiple Columns)
  • AP-13727: Create Temp Dir node
  • AP-14763: Joiner (Labs) -- multiple outputs, performance, UX, ...
  • AP-13477: Row Splitter (Labs)
  • AP-13431: List Files/Folders (Labs) (new file handling)
  • AP-11447: Table Difference Finder


  • AP-14409: Update Java to JRE to version "8u252-b09"
  • AP-13377: Update KNIME Analytics Platform to use the latest Eclipse (Eclipse 2020-03, i.e. 4.15)
  • AP-14766: Widget nodes: New design in component views (old mode available via 'legacy' flag in layout editor)
  • AP-14500: Add workflow data area to the "Relative To" category (new file handling)
  • AP-14486: "Spotfire (Labs)" nodes deprecated -- fully replaced by partner contributed nodes
  • AP-14431: Textprocessing Performance Improvements
  • AP-14421: Enable file text field in new file handling dialog in remote workflow editor
  • AP-14400: Update Jackson to 2.11.0
  • AP-14286: LineReader - Add BOM and gz support
  • AP-14227: File menu entry to export a workflow summary
  • AP-14178: Add duplicate checker to RowKey column
  • AP-14161: Preference Page for Off-Heap Column Store activation
  • AP-14090: urlDecode String Manipulator
  • AP-14051: Register UrlEncode String Manipulator with Column Expressions Node
  • AP-13990: Next functionality for node search
  • AP-13943: String Manipulation node(s): new 'urlencode' method
  • AP-13909: Support component drag'n'drop from private spaces (hub) into AP
  • AP-13833: Colorize the connection lines of a selected node
  • AP-13779: Metanode fails with "Error in sub flow"
  • AP-13740: Support exchangeability of port types
  • AP-13703: Create FSLocation Variable Type
  • AP-13584: Table View (output port) with new option to copy data with header (to paste into Excel)
  • AP-13548: Make 'Number to String' node streamable
  • AP-13505: Disable dyn. port adaptations during execution and adopt warning message
  • AP-13503: Make R environment configurable on a node level
  • AP-13381: Add dynamic port support for Merge Variables node
  • AP-13360: Add option to export summary / provenance trace from executed workflow
  • AP-13344: Display column headers options should be added to the labeling view
  • AP-13305: Make Column Appender with flexible Number of Input ports
  • AP-13295: Add 'Configuration', 'Widget' and 'Container' node types
  • AP-13272: Provide Ungroup node to skip rows with empty collection
  • AP-13006: Top K Selector to give all occurrences of n biggest/smallest values
  • AP-12999: Add portobject to possible porttypes of components
  • AP-12806: Update Sorter UI for Sorter and top-k Node
  • AP-12730: Add Node Monitor as default view
  • AP-12726: Add float64 (double) datatype in Keras Input Layer
  • AP-12666: Change default search mode in Table view to be case insensitive and to include column names
  • AP-12620: Workflow Test Framework to Test for Errors in Components
  • AP-12530: Add option to replace included columns in Column Combiner node
  • AP-12469: Add select best option to the Feature Selection Filter node
  • AP-12393: Allow to open dialog of DB nodes with missing/invalid input connection
  • AP-12392: Support reconnecting to database if connection is invalid
  • AP-11595: Improve formatting of long flow variable names in flow variable tab
  • AP-11440: Implement SWT.OpenUrl event to support opening KNIME URLs for all OSs
  • AP-11348: DB Loader: Support Microsoft SQL Server bulk copy API
  • AP-11050: Support boolean columns in DB Row Filter
  • AP-9898: Inform user about absence of flow variables in nodes with no settings
  • AP-9198: Hide memory policy tab in nodes with no data table output ports
  • AP-8121: Missing Value: Support fixed boolean value
  • AP-7258: CSV Reader: Reduce number of opened input streams
  • AP-6180: New 'hidden'-flag for node(set) extensions
  • BD-1024: (Big Data Extensions): Add note about cluster-level permissions to node description of Create Databricks Environment
  • BD-1006: (Big Data Extensions): Support Timezone option in Create Spark Context nodes

Bug Fixes

  • AP-13853: Perl integration does not work with Perl >=5.30 any more
  • AP-14550: Provide fallback for non-standard SQL types when reading from databases
  • AP-14523: Flow Variables don't work on Salesforce Node
  • AP-14492: H2O Integration: Local context issues on certain IPsec VPN setups
  • AP-14429: Amazon S3 Connection (Labs) sometimes does not list all subdirectories of a directory
  • AP-14420: Java Snippet does not clear warning messages on reset
  • AP-14417: Tableau Hyper API: Node fail when data volume increases.
  • AP-14406: Text Mining: Add invertible flag to StanfordNLP Tokenizers to ensure tokens not to be normalized
  • AP-14114: Support non-standard JDBC Oracle types such as BINARY_FLOAT and BINARY_DOUBLE
  • AP-14075: Parallel Chunk Start dialogue has bugs: missing flow variable and always greyed out checkbox
  • AP-13947: Scorer node output column named specifity instead of specificity
  • AP-13925: PortTypeRegistry fails ungracefully when encountering erroneous port types among all available port types
  • AP-13923: REST nodes don't work with empty passwords in BASIC authentication
  • AP-13763: Amazon Athena Connector node could not login without role switching
  • AP-13760: Temporary table and file stores in loops not deleted on clear
  • AP-13700: Table Creator: Copying of cells with cmd+c doesn't work on Mac
  • AP-13691: Null pointer exception in Table Column to Variable node
  • AP-13689: Wrong workflow svg stored when saving workflow while in annotation edit mode
  • AP-13560: OutputStreams can remain open after workflow was closed
  • AP-13538: Empty folders in workflow directory are missing from export
  • AP-13528: Workflow editor locks up when saving large workflow using temporary workflow editor
  • AP-13369: GET Request node: inconsistency with retrieved binary objects
  • AP-13220: Math Formula: Check for column names containing dollar signs
  • AP-13181: Fix in-workflow buffers not being cleared when workflow is closed and cleaned up
  • AP-13176: Deadlock when using flow variable buttons with JTextFields
  • AP-13104: Inner nested components duplicate error messages
  • AP-12656: Word metanode still used when checking if update available
  • AP-12111: Configuration of Call Workflow (Table Based) node fails, if wf on server contains File Download node in wrapped metanode
  • AP-11772: Make dropping node on connections and nodes a uniform experience
  • AP-11639: Executing follow up nodes block reset of non-related content of metanode
  • AP-11451: Unused Metanode input causes warnings upon workflow opening
  • AP-11328: FTP node's open() always calls changeDirectoryUp at least one time
  • AP-9868: Make "Lift Chart (JavaScript)" node responsive
  • AP-9721: Execute option to work on all nodes
  • BD-1010: (Big Data Extensions): Parquet Reader and ORC Reader fail when reading directories with hidden files
  • BD-817: (Big Data Extensions): Create Local Big Data Environment node fails to create root scratch directory on Windows if domain server is not accessible

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