Changelog v2.9.4

Changes from v2.9.2 to v2.9.4

Release Date: May 7, 2014


  • Enh 5096: Apache CXF plugin library is lacking some http* libs in order to support client authentication for wsdl download (needed in 3rd party library)
  • Enh 5131: Generic web service node to support byte[] in- and output in order to send/retrieve files (sponsored development)
  • Enh 5132: Generic web service node supporting password protected wsdl retrieval: not just execution but also configuration (sponsored development)

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 4447: Heavy concurrency while executing string manipulation and/or java snippet nodes may result in compilation exception (seen in automated test cases)
  • Bug 5112: Epsilon difference checker cannot handle NaN and infinity
  • Bug 5128: KNIME Explorer ignores default preferences in old workspaces
  • Bug 5078: Weblog Reader doesn't accept URLs with spaces (' ' ... '%20' works)
  • Bug 5079: Race condition in ExtensibleUtilityFactory when reading renderers
  • Bug 5085: Parallel Chunk nodes not visible in Update Site list (need to uncheck "group items by category") -- should be in KNIME Labs
  • Bug 5107: XLS Reader - Hides stack trace in configure
  • Bug 5108: k-Means handles ClusteringFields and MiningSchema wrong
  • Bug 5028: String Matcher fail with exception when input column name changes
  • Bug 5151: NPE When opening a report from inside a metanode.
  • Bug 5150: Check for new KNIME releases must be OS specific
  • Bug 5057: Scorer throws exception when opening dialog for the first time

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