Changelog v2.9.2

Changes from v2.9.1 to v2.9.2

Release Date: March 5, 2014


  • Enh 4960: (API) Introduce IURIPortObject interface, which SeqAn extension can use in addition to FileStorePortObject
  • Enh 5054: ARFF Reader should support sparse data format
  • Enh 5055: New "Levenshtein"/string edit distance function - available in different nodes, including various clustering and distance matrix nodes and the similarity searcher
  • Enh 5015: JFC Line Chart should optionally use Domain Information to set axis ranges

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 4950: OSM Map to Image: Result image is shifted a bit with respect to the user selection
  • Bug 4949: Excel reader does not handle duplicate column names if there trimmed strings are equal
  • Bug 4952: NoClassDefFoundError in Report Designer (errors when installing report designer in 2.8.x)
  • Bug 4963: Description of Time Difference node does not state what difference is computed
  • Bug 4956: Naives Bayes view must escape "<" in class values
  • Bug 4959: KNIME Desktop cannot read metainformation of workflows downloaded from 3.8 server
  • Bug 4972: Workflow editor shows confusing error message when workflow no longer exist after restart
  • Bug 4983: Rule Engine MATCH causes UnsupportedOperationException when groups are specified
  • Bug 4987: Rule Engine dialog does not load settings if input table does not contain usable columns
  • Bug 4999: PMML Rulesets may fail if output column exists with unsupported type
  • Bug 5006: Term co-occurrence counter node always reports count 1 for term neighbors
  • Bug 5007: Change Rule Row Filter/Splitter checkbox to radio buttons (Or remove)
  • Bug 5012: Missing value handling node not properly working with "Mode" replacement
  • Bug 5020: Don't open dialogs of idle nodes during workflow tests
  • Bug 5023: R-View node may loose image after loading workflow (copy/paste issue)
  • Bug 5029: URL to File Path nodes do not support file paths without scheme
  • Bug 5034: "Set bits" renderer does not work for dense bit vectors
  • Bug 4444: DataColumnProperties.equals may lead to deadlock
  • Bug 5041: Executing parallel chunk node in inactive branch fails
  • Bug 5047: Some Database nodes have a non-transparent node icon color (white)
  • Bug 5052: Unzip Node - Throws index out of bounds exception if source is no archive and file name contains no dot
  • Bug 5040: GroupBy and Pivot nodes fail with flow variables generating include/exclude list with same value
  • Bug 5059: ConcurrentModificationException in Scorer view
  • Bug 5061: Saving (chemistry) adapter cell type doesn't retain adapter list -- downstream nodes don't see adapters after loading
  • Bug 5003: Text Mining: Punctuation Erasure swallows whitespace characters
  • Bug 5049: Constant Value Column Flow Variable Button doesn't work.
  • Bug 5062: Loop End Column Append with long list of "reference_0" tables (problems on workflow load)
  • Bug 5065: CXF web service plugin needs to export packages (used by 3rd party and vendor extensions)
  • Bug 5064: MLP predictor is dependent on column order
  • Bug 5073: Class initialization circle when using the renderer extension point
  • Bug 5067: Snapshotting of meta nodes doesn't work when overwriting templates from within the workflow editor (context menu on metanode)
  • Bug 5070: Recursive meta node updates not applied when top-most meta node link is up-to-date (only applies for TS & Server extensions)

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