Changelog v2.9.1

Changes from v2.9.0 to v2.9.1

Release Date: January 15, 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 4905: Save-As does not work under Windows
  • Bug 4745: Column filter panels might not resize properly (affects different nodes: Column Filter, Nominal Value Row Filter, JfreeChart heatmap, ...)
  • Bug 4848: Rule-based Row Splitter does not work reliably
  • Bug 4906: Date Field Extract node support for extract week of year
  • Bug 4880: XML Column Combiner ignores Include all columns flag
  • Bug 4942: Mount Point identifiers can't contain dots ('.') followed by digit (copy&paste and download doesn't work)
  • Bug 4941: Zip Files node: Creates invalid zip entries under windows
  • Bug 4934: Text Mining: Tagger nodes can cause memory leak
  • Bug 4918: File conflicts for libsvm.jar in Weka 3.7 (Windows only)
  • Bug 4911: Browse dialog in List Files node does not always default to the currently selected location
  • Bug 4903: File Reader preview RowID column collapsed and not resizable
  • Bug 4900: Single and Multiple Selection Quickforms do not set default value in Wizard
  • Bug 4884: Cannot add missing values to AdapterCells
  • Bug 4881: Uncritical null pointer when deleting metanode with open editor
  • Bug 4876: Text Mining: Document vector throws OutOfMemoryException if word Document is contained in text.
  • Bug 4875: JFreeChart bubble chart uses wrong column for the radius
  • Bug 4871: Text Mining: Document Grabber does not find PubMed DTD
  • Bug 4869: Missing Value dialog is not updated when adding new entry via double-click
  • Bug 4868: Save new mount settings (XML) with separate preferences key
  • Bug 4854: Send Email Node: Throws NullPointerException if no recipient is specified.
  • Bug 4843: Rule Engine Variable Node does not push flow variables during configure
  • Bug 4842: Row Sampling node does not allow to filter ALL rows
  • Bug 4837: Node configuration not processed by NodeModel#saveSettingsTo when workflow is loaded (problems in Distance Matrix to Network node)
  • Bug 4827: Make mount point relative path available in Context Extractor Node
  • Bug 4826: UI initialization issue in TableRow to Variable and TableRow to Variable Loop Start nodes
  • Bug 4819: Crashes on modern Linux systems with libsoup >= 2.42.0
  • Bug 4504: RowID and Columns column sorting by mouse-click is inconsistent (no popup on rowID column)

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