Changelog v2.8.2

Changes from v2.8.1 to v2.8.2

Release Date: September 27, 2013


  • Enh 4486: Molecular type cast supports generation of Inchi cell type
  • Enh 4505: CSV reader supports '\r' as line separator

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 4479: The PMML Predictor should be able to predict based on PMML Mining Models
  • Bug 4547: PMML Many2One always outputs binary as include method (min and max not implemented)
  • Bug 4502: Some molecule renderers produce black background with Renderer2Image node
  • Bug 4503: Render2Image node cannot create PNGs with RDKit renderer
  • Bug 4506: Inefficient joining under MacOS X
  • Bug 4541: Some dialogs in Schrodinger partner extension don't render correctly (view truncated)
  • Bug 4513: NullPointerExceptions when restoring default value for preferred renderers
  • Bug 4488: Table to PMML Ensemble very slow with huge number of columns
  • Bug 4494: Parallel Chunk Loop does not work if loop body contains side branch
  • Bug 4475: Database (Connection) Reader progress message not updated while reading
  • Bug 4510: PMML Ensemble Loop End fails when weight flow variable is NONE
  • Bug 4523: Linked workflows cannot be opened any more
  • Bug 4509: FTP remote file and zip node do not work with filenames smaller than 3 characters
  • Bug 4533: MIMEMap adds space to extensions added via extension point
  • Bug 4462: XLS Reader configuration dialog has no scroll bars (problem on small screens)
  • Bug 4473: Text Mining: SoftDataCellCache (Strings to Document) might run of out memory for 1+Mio documents
  • Bug 4537: Image column writer doesn't create directories

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