Changelog v2.8.1

Changes from v2.8.0 to v2.8.1

Release Date: August 21, 2013

New Nodes:

  • New Node 4373: R To R node to pass R workspaces through

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 4370: New Math Formula node doesn't save the Convert To Int option
  • Bug 4419: PMML Ensemble Predictor without (wrong) progress information
  • Bug 4374: Dialogs may be opened twice if dialog instantiation is long running (and the user double-clicks multiple times)
  • Bug 4378: KNIME SDK doesn't show workspace prompt on first start
  • Bug 4393: New node description classes should be more failure tolerant
  • Bug 4396: KNIME SDK freezes under Mac when opening the update manager
  • Bug 4410: logger severity 'coding' should only be printed if in development mode (don't confuse end users with them)
  • Bug 4443: WeblogReader cannot handle directories specified via knime-protocol
  • Bug 4428: ZIp Files node cannot handle Windows paths
  • Bug 4429: Unzip node cannot extract windows path with drive letter
  • Bug 4430: Zip Files node does not override existing ZIP entries under Windows
  • Bug 4418: RowID column too narrow (20px) in file reader dialog
  • Bug 4388: Logistic Regression (Learner) node fails if column domain contains more values than present in the data (Matrix is singular) - should just tolerate it
  • Bug 4398: Time Difference node uses always winter time in Use current Time (ignoring summer time zone)
  • Bug 4420: Table to PMML Ensemble node can't be cancelled
  • Bug 4382: Open Street Map nodes with exceptions
  • Bug 4412: Logistic Regression (Learner) - The view does not display html special characters correctly
  • Bug 4364: Histogram (interactive) can't load internal model for viewing
  • Bug 4408: Occasional freeze (<1/1000) when opening output view with 100% CPU
  • Bug 4241: Text Mining: DocumentFilePath is lost
  • Bug 4375: Math formula node cannot append the same column name twice (should instead make it unique with (#1) suffix)
  • Bug 4385: Workflow containing file store cells (currently only used in image mining) may throw exceptions when closed
  • Bug 4404: Copying node and pasting it multiple times breaks any subsequent copy (same node instances)
  • Bug 4409: Inactive inner loop in (active) outer loop throws exception
  • Bug 4422: Table View: Ascending Sorting on Table View context menu sorts descending (only the first time)
  • Bug 4445: Sorting via context menu sorts the wrong column if columns were swapped in the view

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