Changelog v2.7.4

Changes from v2.7.3 to v2.7.4

Release Date: April 19, 2013

New Features:

  • Enh 4187: (Text Mining) Dictionary Tagger should have option to switch from exact match to contains match
  • Enh 4186: [API] Allow properties to be set on DataTableSpec (required by 3rd party node executor)

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 4109: LIBSVM Learner need allow arbitrary high parameters (d, g, r, c, n, p, e)
  • Bug 4166: Database connection used to synchronize access to ALL databases
  • Bug 3993: Column Renamer doesn't commit column name on OK (Mac only)
  • Bug 4175: Quickflow Execution (Webportal/Wizard) can take (seemingly) forever for complex workflows
  • Bug 4182: Quickform execution may stop at meta nodes with 2+ inputs (depends on node ordering)
  • Bug 4185: Resetting very complex workflows may throw an AssertionError (invalid assumption in graph search)
  • Bug 4189: Network mining: Renaming DataType float to double wasn't changed in TransportGraph
  • Bug 4086: Similarity Search doesn't accept representative column unless it's present in both inputs

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