Changelog v2.7.2

Changes from v2.7.1 to v2.7.2

Release Date: February 26, 2013

New Features:

  • Enh 3987: SDFReader to read Molfiles

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 4039: Database Reader cause Database nodes hang in transaction (postgres only)
  • Bug 4027: Database Reader / Connector throw java.sql.SQLException: Method not supported on getConnection() and getMetaData() and setAutoCommit(boolean)
  • Bug 4071: Long living KNIME instance may cause ORA-01000 database error in Oracle (statements not closed)
  • Bug 4061: Java Snippet breaks when autocompleting (Mac and Windows).
  • Bug 3974: Value Filter Quickform node may set invalid configuration if selected column doesn't have domain (too many values)
  • Bug 3911: Mol2 reader doesn't accept URLs (e.g. file:/tmp/file.mol2), only absolute paths
  • Bug 3990: SDFReader skips last molecule if terminating $$$$ are missing
  • Bug 3924: Meta node locking not working with contained sub meta nodes
  • Bug 3976: Quickform execution wizard stops at meta nodes with unconnected input ports (critical in wizard execution & web portal)
  • Bug 4049: Quickform wizard execution has problems with workflow switches when outputs are present in inactive branches
  • Bug 4035: Parsing SQL or R code containing flow variable identifiers causes infinite loop if type identifier is missing
  • Bug 4018: API improvement: file handling plugin needs to export package org.knime.base.filehandling.mime
  • Bug 4022: FTP/SSH connection nodes: Specific reason why a connection failed is not given
  • Bug 4065: Unzip node does not support URLs
  • Bug 3949: State changes on meta nodes are handled differently than on single nodes (error instead of warning) -- probably causing problems in server-side execution
  • Bug 3959: Round Double with Sigfigs as string doesn't round
  • Bug 3991: Download node / upload node: browse button enabled, even if the protocol does not support browsing
  • Bug 3992: SSH/FTP/HTTP/HTTPS connection nodes: Host field does not check if its content is valid
  • Bug 4051: Weka Predictor and Cluster Assigner checks for type equality not compatibility
  • Bug 3998: kNN checks for type equality not compatibility
  • Bug 4077: Node Description of Loop End node is misleading.
  • Bug 4033: Java Snippet documentation doesn't describe isMissing method correctly

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