Changelog v2.7.1

Changes from v2.7.0 to v2.7.1

Release Date: January 16, 2013

New Features:

  • Enh 3931: Register PMML extension for D&D action from KNIME Explorer (and ServerSpace/TeamSpace)
  • Enh 3927: PMML Reader can't read from URL

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 3916: Joiner dialog should allow user to specify column name suffix to resolve name conflicts (restore 2.6 functionality)
  • Bug 3912: Database Writer (on mysql) fails to "append" to large tables (as it fetches all data first)
  • Bug 3942: Dialog changes are not committed when using key stroke Strg+ENTER
  • Bug 3928: Database Reader node configured even if settings have changed/are invalid
  • Bug 3904: Java Snippet (new) node does not work after temp folder is cleaned
  • Bug 3913: Failing parallel branches inside metanodes sometimes fail to disable queued nodes properly
  • Bug 3901: Configure dialog on meta node needs scroll pane
  • Bug 3884: String Manipulation node does not work after temp folder is cleaned by some OS daemon
  • Bug 3871: Meta nodes are not found via the node repository search
  • Bug 3851: SVM Learner throws NPE when opening output view when used in conjunction with some pmml preprocessing nodes
  • Bug 3922: Snowball Stemmer has problems with parallel execution of two or more nodes.
  • Bug 3921: BoW creator row count (id) is not reset to 1 after reset of node
  • Bug 3920: DocumentGrabber extracts firstnames from PubMed not properly
  • Bug 3919: Dictionary Tagger assigns no tags if types other than "NE" is used
  • Bug 3918: OpenNLP Tagger dialog can not find dictionary file
  • Bug 3938: Text Processing: Term to String, String to Term, Term to Structure nodes need to handle missing values
  • Bug 3930: String to Term node fails with IllegalArgumentException after auto-configure
  • Bug 3841: String to URI node can select URIs as column
  • Bug 3840: Extract URI showing empty / invalid values instead of missing cells for missing URI parts
  • Bug 3836: Selection in remote file chooser not always correct
  • Bug 3923: Download node: Does not create folder structure if a single file gets downloaded

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