Changelog v2.6.3

Changes from v2.6.2 to v2.6.3

Release Date: October 15, 2012

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 3666: Logistic Regression (Predictor) - Gives missing value when any cell in an input row has missing value
  • Bug 3639: Clients can't connect to KNIME server (wrong port)
  • Bug 3668: FixedColumnHistogrammPlotter throws IllegalStateException
  • Bug 3630: PCA Apply node fails to execute with specific data (Matrix inner dimensions must agree)
  • Bug 3667: NullPointerException when ScatterPlotter view is closed too early
  • Bug 3640: Histogram node integer bin labels have unecessary digits
  • Bug 3664: Java Snippet (new) - exceptions when processing list cells with missing values
  • Bug 3522: Workflow export with exclude data flag still exports file store cells (if any)
  • Bug 3647: Linear Correlation node doesn't respect column sort order and shows weird behavior when constant column is in between
  • Bug 3680: Round Double, Linear Correlation and Create Collection nodes change column sorting in case their configuration was created on a modified column order

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