Changelog v2.6.1

Changes from v2.6.0 to v2.6.1

Release Date: August 24, 2012


  • Updated version of free Marvin extensions

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 3425: GroupBy node fails if input table contains only one row and retain row order is enabled
  • Bug 3418: XLS Reader fails if Marvin extensions are installed
  • Bug 3423: SDF Writer should not write column names with LF (just delete them)
  • Bug 3434: Moving nodes may cause associated data to be copied after workflow was loaded (expensive and unnecessary operation in UI thread)
  • Bug 3436: Column List Loop Start node does not provide variable "currentIteration"
  • Bug 3438: Weka 3.6 Integration missing libsvm.jar
  • Bug 3478: RuntimeException when double-clicking on open workflow in navigator
  • Bug 3482: DynamicNodeFactories cause problems with non-ASCII characters in certain locales
  • Bug 3489: Wrong synchronization in Java Snippet node
  • Bug 3491: Molecule String Input quickform node must have "format" field (rxn, sdf, smarts, smiles, ...)
  • Bug 3475: NodeView should de-register all menu item listeners during close
  • Bug 3505: NullPointerException when hooking up variable ports in a workflow without data
  • Bug 3405: WorkflowManager: remove root prefix from NodeID string
  • Bug 3441: Delegating loop is not increasing the current iteration variable
  • Bug 3488: Delegating loop option to output only data from last iteration
  • Bug 3490: OpenBabel node dialog cannot handle bundled executable
  • Bug 3483: OpenBabel bundled babel executable not found on Windows 64bit
  • Bug 3495: OpenBabel should add missing cells for missing conversion results
  • Bug 3445: Network Mining: GraphCell handling cause problems when loading workflows
  • Bug 3406: Network Mining: Visualization Property Extractor node fails if a single column has multiple properties assigned
  • Bug 3415: Network Mining: Object Inserter node throws exception when loading workflows created prior KNIME 2.6
  • Bug 3419: Network Mining: Viz Input connector treats double features as string feature
  • Bug 3420: Network Mining: Adjacency Matrix node has memory problem with large networks
  • Bug 3421: Network Mining: #getBasicType method should no longer be used to get a type by its name
  • Bug 3422: Network Mining: Normalization method of Hubs and authority network analyzer changed to min/max normalization in the range of 0 to 1
  • Bug 3444: Network Mining: Object Inserter node supports assigning of weight to end objects and edges

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