Changelog v2.5.2

Changes from v2.5.1 to v2.5.2

Release Date: February 15, 2012

Bug fixes

  • Bug 3096: Joiner has problems with large datasets (introduced with changing scalability test to JUnit)
  • Bug 3110: GroupBy does not count missing value using 'unique count' operator (option: missing)
  • Bug 3082: Pivoting node ERROR with retain order option
  • Bug 3101: Opening output view of voting loop end node takes too long when there are many models
  • Bug 3080: Table views fail to show if underlying client renderer cause exceptions/errors
  • Bug 3063: UniqueCountOperator shouldn't uses String representation of the DataCells for uniqueness check
  • Bug 2874: Database (Connection) Reader fail with CODING Problem for sqlite driver
  • Bug 3071: Plotters sometimes show too few ticks on the axes
  • Bug 3105: PMML DecTree Translator trims content which leads to different PMML model in predictor
  • Bug 3036: Database Browser inserts table names with spaces without quotes
  • Bug 3054: Case Switch node has 3 out-ports; node description says 4
  • Bug 3064: SDReader dialog cannot handle paths with '#'
  • Bug 3072: Plotters highly inefficient when switching to logarithmic scale
  • Bug 3077: KNIME Javadoc in SDK incomplete
  • Bug 3084: XLS Reader has wrong icon (node type)
  • Bug 3086: List Files node cannot handle location via drop directory
  • Bug 3093: Crosstab view does not escape special characters in value names ("<=50k" rendered as "=50k")
  • Bug 3097: Database Connection out-port view, tab Connection need to escape non-HTML chars
  • Bug 3098: Network Writer uses file open instead of file save dialog
  • Bug 3103: Table to PDF/HTML nodes step on each other (parallel execution)
  • Bug 3112: GUI freezes if KNIME starts with two workflows open that do no longer exist (Linux only)
  • Bug 3060: Web service client node description is confusing
  • Bug 3065: MedianOperator should use the functionality of the SortedListCellOperator
  • Bug 3066: Aggregation method SUM should retain original data type
  • Bug 3067: Nodes are not automatically configured if upstream nodes change flow variables
  • Bug 3109: DecTree Predictor option 'Number of pattern used for hiliting' inconsistent and restricts max
  • Bug 3114: Auto-Binner has problem with quantile-binning on multiple columns (output partially missing)
  • Bug 3116: Bin names in Auto-Binner change with different system locale (should always be the same)
  • Bug 3117: Minor problems with external executables in itemset mining algorithms
  • Bug 3102: API Enhancement: Allow client code to query the parallel processing property in AbstractCellFactory

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