Changelog v2.4.2

Changes from v2.4.1 to v2.4.2

Release Date: August 29, 2011


  • Enh 2858: Perl node is way too slow (xml communication overhead between java/knime and perl)

Bug fixes

  • Bug 2848: Unable to use workspace on network drive under windows
  • Bug 2854: KNIMEConstants must not load ImageIcon (class loading deadlock in KNIME server on Mac)
  • Bug 2843: BatchExecutor makes future execution of GUI impossible
  • Bug 2190: Database Reader fails for databases that don't support aliases/subquerys (informix)
  • Bug 2794: Column Rename (Regex) with IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Bug 2822: Credentials can't be removed from credential dialog
  • Bug 2830: New Decision Tree View display fails on PMML generated by R
  • Bug 2838: Percentage aggregation method reuses old DataTableSpec
  • Bug 2839: DialogComponentsStringSelection: SettingsModel doesn't always store selected value
  • Bug 2844: Node Drags/Resizing sometimes does not work (Linux only)
  • Bug 2845: Decision tree predictor fails on models that were trained on data with a larger domain than the actual data
  • Bug 2850: Error when closing KNIME (RepositoryView)
  • Bug 2818: FileReader writes crap to history
  • Bug 2851: Data/Image to Report node missing description on image resolution
  • Bug 2855: XMLReader chokes if file.encoding is not UTF-8
  • Bug 2859: Can't use two decision tree predictors in a row (duplicate column name 'Prediction (DecTree)')
  • Bug 2860: Decision Tree Predictor fails if training data didn't contain all attribute values of target attribute
  • Bug 2864: Calculation error in the exponential methods of the moving average.
  • Bug 2867: Concatenate node does not merge upper bounds from input domains correctly - it's always using the minimum

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