Changelog v2.3.3

Changes from v2.3.1 to v2.3.3

Release Date: March 16, 2011


  • Enh 2639: New data type for SMARTS
  • Enh 2660: Access method for all flow variables in abstract NodeModel class

Bug fixes

  • Bug 2621: Database connection pool access without password
  • Bug 2632: ESC in dialog must not close dialog if popup is open (Linux)
  • Bug 2637: PMML produced by SVM Learner contains wrong number of fields attribute in VectorDictionary
  • Bug 2642: Database Reader nodes fail when executing in parallel (mySQL)
  • Bug 2645: Pivot node fails on grouping when DataCell#equals inconsistent with #toString
  • Bug 2646: String formatting of date/time elements not synchronized (problem while concurrent pivoting)
  • Bug 2648: Column Comparator throws ClassCastException in dialog on Apply/OK
  • Bug 2649: StringHistory does not close file input when restoring ("too many open files" in loops)
  • Bug 2650: Hex-Renderer for Sparse Bit Vector Cell not working
  • Bug 2651: Variable Based File Reader freezes on opening the configuration dialog
  • Bug 2654: Master key is enabled in preference page by default
  • Bug 2657: NOT is not working in the Rule Engine
  • Bug 2658: Concatenate (Optional In) with wrong in-port labels
  • Bug 2662: Testing framework part of KNIME update site
  • Bug 2664: SDF Reader should not use names as IDs if they are not unique
  • Bug 2665: Molfile Writer doesn't handle missing values
  • Bug 2666: PCA Compute node: Wrong output at 2nd output (spectral decomposition)
  • Bug 2667: File Reader throws NullPointerException when editing file location
  • Bug 2668: PMML Reader does not read from URL (required for node drop files)
  • Bug 2669: Wrong invalidValueTreatment in PMML MiningField

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