Changelog v2.3.1

Changes from v2.3.0 to v2.3.1

Release Date: January 19, 2011


  • Enh 2570: Need originating plugin and vendor in node descriptions
  • Enh 2584: Database nodes should report executed SQL query on DEBUG
  • Enh 2586: Introduce database connection pool
  • Enh 2602: Add API hook to annotate connections (to show dimensionality of data)
  • New Node 2615: Node for rendering column contents into SVG cells

Bug fixes

  • Bug 2549 Inconsistent naming of features and categories on KNIME update site
  • Bug 2560: "File" -> "Export Preferences" exports too many irrelevant (default) lines
  • Bug 2547: Community Nodes category definition after optional KNIME Labs
  • Bug 2550: Category of Item Set Miner misleading
  • Bug 2551: File Menu contains "Convert Line Delimiters" & "Open File" ("Exit is not last!)
  • Bug 2578: Weka GeneralizedSequentialPatterns node not working at all
  • Bug 2583: Weka Preliminary Attribute Check wrong after failed attribute check
  • Bug 2592: R View node with option to change resolution (dpi)
  • Bug 2604: org.knime.ext.itemset plugin with Linux 32bit and Mac executables
  • Bug 2554: New Decision Tree View has problem (exceptions) with PMML generated by R
  • Bug 2564: Decision Tree View: bad positioning of branch labels when condition is long
  • Bug 2582: Item Set Finder with memory bug on 64bit machines
  • Bug 2555: SDK Version stacktraces when starting KNIME
  • Bug 2556: JRE missing in KNIME SDK
  • Bug 2590: Weka integration: dialog options not available or incomplete
  • Bug 2552: Public-Example server has non functional button (server info)
  • Bug 2561: Distance Matrix Calculate shows wrong progress (negative value due to number overflow)
  • Bug 2581: Metanodes in Loops not properly reset/configured for some order of nodes
  • Bug 2591: Table Creator node should set default focus on column name field while editing column properties
  • Bug 2599: Enablement of "Reset" action is inconsistent
  • Bug 2600: Make getNode() method in SingleNodeContainer public (partner request)
  • Bug 2601: Open Outport View Action can be used for sink nodes (exception)
  • Bug 2610: Java Snippet ignores entries in "Additional Jars tab" (compiles OK but throws exception at runtime)
  • Bug 2612: Java Snippet: Bad separator for additional class path entries on Windows
  • Bug 2618: Reading table may result in NPE when table is currently read from disk into main memory
  • Bug 2619: BatchExecutor possibly does not finish if execution of workflow is very fast (misses event)

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