Changelog v2.2.2

Changes from v2.2.0 to v2.2.2

Release Date: September 29, 2010


  • Enh 2383: report designer view to show "Scripts" and "XML Source" tabs in expert mode (for next bug fix release)
  • Enh 2403: Excel reader to read *xlsx files (2007 & 2010)
  • Enh 2391: Spotfire node to be published on labs

Bug fixes

  • Bug 2326: Weka node dialogs need ScrollPane
  • Bug 2346: R2PMML node fails with incompatible PMML models
  • Bug 2360: PDF and HTML Report nodes: init idle, but configure after load
  • Bug 2362: Model Reader Node throws NPE if fed with non-zip file
  • Bug 2363: Database connection: handle null passwords as empty
  • Bug 2365: Table Reader node to accept URLs (currently requires absolute files)
  • Bug 2370: Joiner node has confusing node description (no dialog control "Buffer Size")
  • Bug 2371: PCA nodes have problems with columns containing only missing values
  • Bug 2372: Newly created nodes remain "dirty" following save (saved twice)
  • Bug 2373: Feature Elimination Start node fails with IAE in ColumnRearranger
  • Bug 2374: ROC plot shows 1.01 as highest value
  • Bug 2377: Credentials option not available in Node Description
  • Bug 2378: DatabaseLooping nodes does not support Credentials
  • Bug 2379: Using Credentials breaks database Preview tab
  • Bug 2388: Credentials Dialog should show workflow name
  • Bug 2389: Node label and description centered for small bounding boxes
  • Bug 2402: Excel Reader does not read from URL (required for node drop files)
  • Bug 2404: Decision Tree Predictor View Pie Chart Problem
  • Bug 2405: CSV Reader has problems converting URL to file path (spaces still %20)
  • Bug 2406: Decision Tree Learner Learner showing missing value colors
  • Bug 2410: Subset matcher does not find all matching subsets
  • Bug 2414: GroupBy node way too slow if there are many irrelevant columns
  • Bug 2415: Variable Based File requires original input file to work
  • Bug 2416: DB Reader Node resets even if settings did not change
  • Bug 2428: Omitting predicates on loading PMML compound predicates

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