Changelog v2.2.0

Changes from v2.1.2 to v2.2.0

Release Date: July 23, 2010

Major new features

  • Enh: Workflow example server ""
  • Enh 2263: Add flow variables port to each node (enables control on execution order)
  • Enh: Allow for optional inputs
  • Enh 2254: Support for workflow-local files (separate storage in workflow folder)
  • Enh 2287: Loop-Concept for Chunking (implement streaming like approach)
  • Enh 2329: New Item Set Miner Feature
  • Enh 2347: Modular Data Generation plug-in (new set of nodes)
  • Enh 2349: Web Analytics plug-in for (new set of nodes)

Minor new features

  • Bug 2258: Introduce credentials store on workflow, replacing current master key concept
  • Bug 2318: Define extension point for aggregation method
  • Bug 2184: Extension point for distance functions
  • Bug 2182: PMML 3.2 support for PMMLDecisionTreeHandler, PMMLGeneralRegressionContentHandler and PMMLNeuralNetworkHandler
  • Bug 2211: K-Means node to use "include all columns" checker
  • Bug 1963: ColumnFilterPanel needs adjustable column filter
  • Bug 2213: KNIME Desktop Version to include reporting update site

New Nodes

  • Bug 1768: Logistic Regression Learner & Applier
  • Bug 2289: New Joiner Implementation (more flexible matching criteria, scalability, composite keys,...)
  • Bug 2290: CSV Reader (more flexible than File Reader node when input structure changes)
  • Bug 1957: Ungroup node (Split Collection in Rows)
  • Bug 2304: Loop End node with two in/outputs

Bug fixes

  • Bug 2281: BatchExecutor executes much slower than GUI
  • Bug 2214: Sorter throws OutOfMemory for 100k x 2k dimensional table (with numbers only)
  • Bug 2186: DateAndTimeCell returns wrong string value
  • Bug 2188: Perl Array Return Problem
  • Bug 2189: Can't use collection cells in domain information (serialization problem)
  • Bug 2193: R .RData files must not be created (problems with multiple processes)
  • Bug 2194: PMML Importer should fail when importing multiple models
  • Bug 2197: NPE in SDFWriter when some fields are missing
  • Bug 2198: Sdf Reader does not close input streams when checking file existence
  • Bug 2199: File Reader does not close input streams when checking file existence (see bug 2198)
  • Bug 2201: Distance Matrix reader does not close input streams when checking file existence (see bug 2198)
  • Bug 2215: DecTree predictor produces wrong output in case of missing values
  • Bug 2216: missing clone in InMemoryTable screws Decision Tree
  • Bug 2217: BatchExecutor doesn't execute projects with SGE job manager
  • Bug 2221: Typo in "Import Workflow..." dialog
  • Bug 2223: scaling problem in default dialog components (e.g. column filter) when having many (100k) columns
  • Bug 2225: Source nodes in meta nodes running in loops let the loop block (stay UNCONFIGURED_MARKFOREXEC)
  • Bug 2231: DistanceMatrixReader slow with full matrices
  • Bug 2283: Association Rule Learning missing options in node description
  • Bug 2284: R nodes generate tons of tmp-files
  • Bug 2291: ConcurrentModificationException in StringHistory
  • Bug 2306: WorkflowManager needs to have method "waitWhileInExecution"
  • Bug 2345: Wrong project icon in project navigator when workflow has meta-infos
  • Bug 2348: Domain calculator does not drop domain when no columns in include list
  • Bug 1355: DialogComponentButtonGroup layout problem for long border titles
  • Bug 1991: Progress bar at wrong position in splash screen
  • Bug 2060: Extending the group by functionality to handle DateAndTimeCells
  • Bug 2061: GroupByNode should be extendable via AggregationMethod registration
  • Bug 2062: GroupBy node should use other mean calculation algorithm to prevent buffer overflow
  • Bug 2206: SVM PMML Ex/Import logs (unimportant?) warning messages
  • Bug 2277: State change listener not removed in WorkflowManager#executeAllAndWaitUntilDone
  • Bug 2325: Node directory in meta nodes not deleted when node is removed
  • Bug 2326: Weka node dialogs need ScrollPane
  • Bug 2330: Association Rule Viewer supporting new input
  • Bug 2332: PMML Spec Creator resets learn/target columns upon createSpec()
  • Bug 2333: k-Means to fail on missing values (has currently normalization problems, see bug 2127)
  • Bug 2334: DistMatrixPlotterNodeFactory from plugin 'org.knime.distmatrix' could not be created
  • Bug 2338: Reset on meta node does not configure contained source nodes.
  • Bug 2339: Naive Bayes predictor produces number overflow
  • Bug 2340: Aggregation column panel in histogram node shouldn't be editable
  • Bug 2355: Decision Tree Predictor fails with null pointer exception on empty class distributions
  • Bug 2080: GroupBy sorts without a reason (way too slow!!!)
  • Bug 2135: FlowVariable stack gets large in loops (contains duplicate items) and causes huge settings.xml files

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