Changelog v2.1.2

Changes from v2.1.1 to v2.1.2

Release Date: February 17, 2010


  • Enh 2178: New Node: Perl node to be published on /labs
  • Enh 2109: Unpivoting node option needs option "Ignore missing values"
  • Enh 2132: Add (unsupported) java property to disable table stream compression
  • Enh 2158: BatchExecutor needs to support "long" options
  • Enh 2172: HiliteHandler to fire events asynchronously (needed for Spotfire node)

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 2084: Concatenate node: hilte translation does not work with duplicate keys
  • Bug 2097: Conditional Boxplot ignores domain
  • Bug 2108: Pivot Node Dialog with wrong enabled/disabled combo boxes
  • Bug 2112: DatabaseConnectionSettings driver file not found without DEBUG stacktrace
  • Bug 2114: Database Writer can't append DoubleCell (NUMBER) columns
  • Bug 2116: Domain Calculator drops domains of unselected columns
  • Bug 2119: Scatter matrix displays wrong labels on y-axis
  • Bug 2120: Local temp tables not cleared when node is reset (using Sub-ExecutionContext)
  • Bug 2121: race condition when opening Buffer results in endless loop
  • Bug 2126: k-means node uses wrong update delta indices in case of missing values.
  • Bug 2128: Java Snippet throws error when flow variable is access multiple times in the script
  • Bug 2131: Web service node throws NPE in presence of (certain) array elements in schema
  • Bug 2143: Batch executor does not fully execute (race condition)
  • Bug 2144: SVM Learner chokes on invalid input (either no or inappropriate columns)
  • Bug 2146: Project icon goes blank when workflow fails (Linux)
  • Bug 2148: Naive Bayes missing value/laplace corrector problem
  • Bug 2152: PNN and Fuzzy Predictor configure fails with duplicate columns
  • Bug 2154: RProp, DecTree, k-means PMML learner fail when input contains 3rd party column types
  • Bug 2157: PCA Apply does not accept percentage criterion (dialog setting ignored)
  • Bug 2161: libsvm extension column order (wrong prediction when test spec does not match train spec)
  • Bug 2162: Scorer with switched FP / FN values in Accuracy Table
  • Bug 2171: Database Timeout not correctly initialized, always 0
  • Bug 2173: FileReader doesn't recognize missValue pattern with skipped cols

Bug Fixes (Reporting)

  • Bug 2113: Too many rows in table report elements when creating final report
  • Bug 2122: Exception when generating report after closing workflow
  • Bug 2147: Reporting extension blocks Manifest editor in KNIME SDK (ClassCastException)

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