Changelog v2.11.3

Changes between v2.11.2 and v2.11.3

Release Date: April 10, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 5985: JRE distributed with 32bit Windows builds does not have a server JVM
  • Bug 5989: Database GroupBy node: Type based aggregation checks method but not selected type compatibility
  • Bug 5990: Generic JavaScript View: Example code in node description is incomplete
  • Bug 6003: Database readers connected to HP Vertica always returned lower case column names
  • Bug 6030: XLS Writer and XLS Appender better support for missing values
  • Bug 6031: Database Looping node has problem with empty table and numeric query column
  • Bug 6031: Permissions on network drives are not determined correctly (Java bug)
  • Bug 6046: "Personal Productivity" extension is missing on update site
  • Bug 6062: Some Weka 3.7 nodes still loose configuration

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