Changelog v2.11.2

Changes between v2.11.1 and v2.11.2

Release Date: February 12, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 5908: Database Looping node error "Duplicate key detected" when reading Blobs
  • Bug 5923: Python Integration: script standard output should be logged (DEBUG)
  • Bug 5932: Python integration: Functions can not access global variables
  • Bug 5943: Broken Weka Predictor when target not last column in data
  • Bug 5944: IntroPage doesn't work properly when temp directory contains spaces
  • Bug 5950: Perl scripting node does not handle missing values in collection columns properly (ClassCastException)
  • Bug 5951: Table Difference Checker handles missing values wrong when column should be ignored
  • Bug 5956: SWTExceptions during testflows abort testcases
  • Bug 5958: Database looping node fails with empty input table
  • Bug 5961: "SSH Connection" node doesn't accept usernames containing '@' character
  • Bug 5966: Weka 3.7 nodes loose configuration when internal learner uses same Weka option name

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