Changelog v2.1.1

Changes from v2.1.0 to v2.1.1


  • Enh 2101: Extending the Time Difference node to use a fixed time or the execution time instead of a second column
  • Enh 2102: DayofYear in DateFieldExtractor node
  • Enh 2094: DateAndTimeCell to implement StringValue and use ISO standard in String representation
  • Enh 2107: Column Filter node with selection option Enforce Inclusion / Exclusion option
  • Enh 2106: BatchExecutor should stop on errors during workflow loading
  • Enh 2098: Undo/Redo to be first elements in "Edit" menu and to be available in context menu

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 2096: Conditional Boxplot cannot handle class labels with leading or trailing spaces
  • Bug 2097: Conditional Boxplot ignores domain
  • Bug 2076: Statistics node shows wrong co-occurrences count
  • Bug 2092: ExtTool (ssh) does not wait for remote job to finish
  • Bug 2022: Views occasionally freeze GUI (e.g. Color Manager color chooser)
  • Bug 2078: Row ID node with potential memory leak (when huge numbers of rows are processed >10mio)
  • Bug 2069 Histogram does not check available columns if the input data changes
  • Bug 2104 Webservice node does not report number of failed rows in node message (if any)
  • Bug 2103 Webservice nodes need to upgrade to CXF 2.2.5 (fixes timeout problem)

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